Katherine trying to get a Legge up.

Katherine Legge must have heard KK loud an clear at Saturdays press conference where he announced the new Champ Car Atlantics Championship (CCAC) would use Cosworth engines and a new Swift chassis. Also announced was a 2 million dollar prize for the winner.

KK said - Well, as we don't know who are the teams and how many there will be in '07, we're just saying "selected" at this minute. But I think there will be team owners that will be very enthusiastic to be able to get hold of a championship winner with a $2 million check in his pocket or her pocket. That's a clue, Katherine. Get your butt going.

Get her Butt going she did as she took home first place in the Atlantics race at the San Jose Grand Prix.

WickerBill Sez;

Think she knows the way to San Jose?

The Sumar Special Streamliner

The Streamliner as it arrived at Indy in 1955

The Sumar Streamliner without Fenders and Canopy

IRL's Panther Racing not Moving to CCWS

Panther rejects CCWS offer to join.

Panther Racing has confirmed that they were in discussions with CCWS about moving. They have confirmed that CCWS had made them an offer to come over but refused to comment on the details of the offer because of the confidentiality agreement they signed.

As for the engine supplier for next year Barnes said Chevrolet officials have met with their Cosworth counterparts in England about extending their contract, although an agreement has not been reached. And if Chevy doesn't return they will go with Honda.

WickerBill Sez;

When the rumor first surfaced two weeks ago it was tied to the fact that the sponsers - Pennzoil - might be going for the pacific rim exposure, China particularly, that CCWS will have. With todays word that they have decided to stay in the IRL it leads me to wonder if the CCWS thing was initiated by Panther or CCWS. There's more here than will every be known by us.

It seems Panther is willing to risk a one year ride with Honda for the Greatest Spectacle giving Honda's willingness to quit the IRL at the end of 2006 if they end up being the sole engine supplier.

We haven't heard the last this!

200,000 Plus at Edmondton

With the weekend fan total surpassing 200,000 it appears that Edmondton has assured itself of a place on the Champ Car Schedule for the foreseeable future. The race wasn't bad either although the outcome was somewhat unpredictable as the final laps unfolded. Bourdais was the eventual winner as we all watched and wondered if there would be yet another winner in the circle only to see Dinger stick it in the wall, something he had come close to doing many times during the race.

This was a race Champ Car could hang their hat on!

WickerBill Sez;

Tired of writing about timed races and very gald I didn't have to do it again.
Outstanding Crowd - Attention other venues ........beat that!
Dinger needs to settle down a bit and the first win will come.
How about all that agression from Wilson - way to go Justin. Can't wait to see you and Tracy do battle, oh perhaps I should throw in Bourdais. These three might never finish on the podium together!

Champ Cars with Fenders

In 1955 The Sumar Special showed up at Indy looking very much like a road racer. It had fenders and a canopy, Jimmy Daywalt was the driver and accoring to the best information I can find he never qualified the car as it came of the transporter. He complained of a claustrophobic feeling with the canopy in place and later it was determined that the weight of fenders ate up gains of the streamlined design. According to the information available he ran the race without the fenders and canopy. What was left.......it was a Kurtis chassis with a Meyer Drake Offy.

I attended the Indys of that era and I distinctly remember a race that had two streamlined cars with fenders. One was blue and one was yellow, the blue one must have been the Sumar. Before the race ended both had removed the streamlining. I am still searching the archives for information on the yellow car.

In 1959 USAC decided to run an event at Daytona so the Sumar special took advantage of the opportunity to try for a closed course speed record. The driver was Marshall Teague a former NASCAR driver that had fallen out of favor with the France family. Marshall set the record at 171.821 MPH and on February 10, 1959 crashed and was killed trying to improve on it.

WickerBill sez;

If anyone has any photos of or information about these cars I would appreciate hearing from you.

The 1:45 Toronto Molson Indy

Justin Wilson gave notice in Portland that he is a factor to be reckoned with and today found victory lane as he won the timed event in Toronto. The race went almost flawlessly for the first half then a sea of yellow flags tainted the latter part of the race causing it to be cut short because of the 1 hour 45 minute rule. Servia finished second an Tagliani came in third.

Paul Tracy drew the early exit card when he ran out of fuel while leading . He was driving the second stint with only half of his front wing which was torn off when he and Bourdais momentarily occupied the same space as they exited the pits. Tracy had short filled in an attempt to pass Bourdais during that stop. At the end of the second stint as Tracy was about to enter the pit for fuel a yellow came out and that was it, he ran out of fuel as he passed pit lane. Tracy's team said they were not planning to change the front wing on the stop as Tracy was maintaining the lead with the car as is.

WickerBill Sez;

Very good show in Toronto, it had everything. The Champ Car Series can feel good about the whole affair.

Another timed event with to much BS up front. CCWS must review the program make up and find a way to complete these races. Finishing under yellow added to the disappointment!

Tracy did a terrific job on his second stint running with only half of a front wing, it must have been frustrating to the other drivers as they failed to catch the crippled Tracy.

2007 Nissan Altima hybrid car

2007 Nissan Altima hybrid car
Sales of hybrid vehicles have increased substantially and in fact, it has doubled in the first five months of 2005 as compared to last year sales. Nissan announced that it is going to introduce its first gasoline hybrid passenger car which will start its manufacturing at Smyrna plant some time from next year.

No, Nissan is not going to build its own hybrid system but will be licensing the hybrid system from Toyota Motor Co. Nissan promised a better fuel economy in its coming 2007 Nissan Altima hybrid car with a increased performance. This is going to be the third hybrid vehicle in US after Ford's Escape hybrid sport utility vehicle and Toyota's Camry Sedan, which is also going on production floor next year.

Regular Altima has a base price of $24,530 and introduction of hybrid is most likely to add another $3000 to it. However there was no formal announcement about the pricing of 2007 Nissan Altima hybrid car. Nissan contract with Toyota restricts it with only 50,000 units per year.

Nissan is entering into the market where the top spot is captured by Toyota Prius followed by Honda Civic. Lets see how it could penetrate the market currently captured by these two carmakers.

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