Video: Oh My God, Your Car - The Hottest Ferrari Ever!

Have you ever been like, 'screw you, people with nicer cars than mine. Maybe you worked harder in school, but I bet you just have rich parents'. We at Basic Transportation have. And that's why this video of a beautiful and exotic Ferrari 612 flaming like a charcoal barbecue makes our heart smile. And why is an expensive feat of engineering excellence catching fire anyway?

Think about that...

Good news! There's one 612 (just one!) on eBay for $200,000

MySpace Video: VW Microbus is better than you thought

Have you seen those Toyota commercials where the Tundra does impossible-looking stuff? Well, here's some news, Tundras suck. They get brake problems and aren't even really Japanese. What you got there is an American truck without the self-esteem.

On the other hand, the modest Microbus, is still a hardcore steel box that you just can't kill. Check out this amazing video from MySpace. Let's assume, for fun, that the VW in the video still works fine after a jump and a splash.

As for the future of the Microsbus, Volkswagen scrapped plans to produce a retro-rehash of the Type 2/Transporter VW van based on the 2001 VW Microbus Concept - in the spirit of the new Beatle.
So, for now, there's little hope for the man who wants a van that's fun too with no Mystery Machine contenders coming our way.

CDW Leaving Rusport

So sez Mr. Rumor --------Yikes!

Champ Car Schedule in Two Weeks

So says SJ in a Mexican Paper interview, and everyone will be happy!

Hum, let's see if they hit this date - wonder what will make everyone happy?

What's the Deal with Germans and Hydrogen?

Hindenburg disaster
Generally, we don't like the 7-Series. iDrive sucks and it's a lot ugglier than the model it replaced. But we don't mind alternative fuels and BMW is eeking closer and closer to offering us a Hydrogen-powered 7-Series, which takes balls. At the moment, they're only being used for BMW's PR around the world. They loaned some to NASA for about eight weeks and now, it seems they just go around the world, loaning them out to high-profile VIPs, business folks and especially politicians.

The halo fleet of super green cars is mmm mmm good PR when you're the company that's known for gas guzzlers like the M5 - close 300 g/km of CO2
emissions. The 750hL spews nothing but water vapor when running on hydrogen. Since you can't buy hydrogen very readily, the thing also runs on gas - which is what most normal folks would end up using in this now-heavier, V12 big boy.

All the hydrogen fuel cell stuff adds an extra 550 pounds to the already massive 7 and according to this Ben Lage article, just the materials in each of the 100 or so examples of the 7-Series 750hL costs around $400 grand. With the research, they're about a mil-point-five a piece.

The not-at-all-pompous-sounding
BMW hydrogen technology researcher, Dr. Frank Ochmann explains,"We have no price on the car. We reHydrogen BMW car 750hLgard this as an offer to society to show society where we stand on clean energy."

"We have no price on the car," said BMW hydrogen technology researcher Dr. Frank Ochmann. "We regard this as an offer to society to show society where we stand on clean energy."

I can't help but wonder - how much will gas prices have to go up for you to give up the truck? Take the poll below!

You Fricken kidding me? Jeep releases Jeep Brand House Paint!

jeep paint
It's not that we mind car brand branded stuff. I got a pair of Jeep jeans, they resist water (and beer) with some sort of Teflon-like beading action. Very cool, but even those were a gift. And I think I had one of those Jeep boom boxes, or at least really wanted one.

Now colors like Sahara brown will be available for your house - inside, outside, the basement, all of it. It's not that they're taking the time out of figuring out how to make the Commander even uglier to make paint. This is just part of Jeep's licensing drive. You can now buy clothes, toys, bikes even bed linens and 'grooming kits; that are Jeepafied - which usually means it's extra tough, or at least water resistant - or at least carry the logo. That's the first time we've ever said 'linens' here.

Next year, watch out for Jeep's own navigation system that also includes an MP3 player, a video player and is tough and cool looking. We're usually more cynical here, but that sounds kinda cool.paint

Jeep's so good at licensing, they've won an award from it from the companies that license their stuff association or whatever it's called (Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA).

I've only seen this story on Chrysler's password-required blog, launched a month or two ago. It's not great.

To check out all the crazy Jeep crap you can ever possibly want to own, check out or

Eric Lamb's - Land Yacht For Sale

I just got an email from Donna Lamb, informing me that her brother Eric passed away in early July from a massive stroke. He was the owner and creator of the Land Yacht Art Car. This car is for sale to anyone interested in owning and showing this wonderful Art Car. Eric we will miss your creativity and passion for Art Cars.

Below are some details about the current condition of this very unique
art car that has been neglected for a few years. With a little rust
patching, new body paint and finish on woodwork, it could pretty easily
be returned to its original glory. All accessories – such as flags,
anchor and masts – seen in its photos are still in the car.

Engine Condition:
Fires and runs well
Transmission engages

Engine Needs:
Tune up
Timing set/adjustment
Perhaps new alternator
Some of the wiring was hand made by owner
(I plan to buy a new battery and put on two new/used tires)

Body Condition:
No dents/damage
Rust holes on driver's door
Paint: hand/brush painted
Woodwork is solid but could use new finish
Windshield cracked and needs to be replaced
Wooden "forward deck" needs to be reattached
Interior is average for a car this age (1976)

If you’re interested, please email Donna Lamb or call her at (212) 645-2468 to make an offer. If you know someone else who might want to buy the car, she also would be grateful if you would pass this information on to them.

It's Coming! Dodge Challenger starts getting made! Cooler than Camaro? You decide!

All the car blogs are letting you know that Dodge is ready to auction off the first three, production Challengers! That means the tooling's done and we're ready for the oldest-looking, new muscle car yet! Meanwhile, Chevy is so close to the Camaro that they're already showing you the Convertible version at Frankfurt.

But only Basic Transportation lets you tell me which one you'd go test drive, haggle over, finance and drive to work!

Hell Yeah! Jeep Wranglers back in the Army with a Pickup to Boot

You know we love Jeeps at Basic Transportation. I've even owned one. And now the cheapest and best 4x4 is going back to where it all started. War! Jeep has announced the J8, a reinforced, diesel version of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. And, for extra awesome, they're even making a pickup version called the JT. (Jeep Truck, 'tard). So, a 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine that produces 158 hp and 295 lb.-ft. of torque - that's a cool truck you can down with!

No word if the J8 will be available for regular, none shot-at people, but hard to imagine they'd keep it from us. Finally, back to simple, agricultural basics for the Wrangler and the long-awaited Wrangler pickup - though not really as cool as the Gladiator.

Check out the full story pic gallery and J8 press release on Jalopnik here.

General Carbuncle Art Car

General Carbuncle Art Car Central
General Carbuncle Art Car Central

One of my favorite shows growing up in Athens Greece was the Dukes of Hazzard. Well the General Lee has resurfaced after all these years in a new skin. The base car is a Ford Capri covered in toy cars. The final effect is the amazing art car called General Carbuncle.

General Carbuncle Art Car Cenrtal
General Carbuncle Art Car Central - Side

General Carbuncle Art Car Cenrtal
General Carbuncle Art Car Central - Front

General Carbuncle Art Car Cenrtal
General Carbuncle Art Car Central - Door 01

General Carbuncle Art Car Cenrtal
General Carbuncle Art Car Central - Roof

General Carbuncle Art Car Cenrtal
General Carbuncle Art Car Central - Side

General Carbuncle Art Car Cenrtal
General Carbuncle Art Car Central  - Front Roof

General Carbuncle Art Car Cenrtal
General Carbuncle Art Car Central

Champ Car Planning to Invade Indy 500 in 08

Champ Car has been working on a plan to go to Indy in 2008. The plan involves a super team that will be made up of a sort of all star cast determined by 2007 performances of drivers and crews. The exact method of determining who would be selected to this all star team has not been released.

It is rumored that there could be a many as 2 cars entered in the 08 event but that it will likely be only 1 in 08 with the number expected to grow in 09.

The chassis will be purchased just as the current IRL teams do but the engine will be a reworked Cosworth based on the one supplied to the IRL teams before. Robert Clarke was heard to say YES finally some engine competition.

When asked if this was just a PR ploy officials said, hell no we plan to win – we need the money.

Champ Car hopes to make this “Win and go to Indy” an integral part of the series and hopes to eventually dominate the 500. They are hoping this will help them to reclaim their dominance in open wheel racing. They estimate the exposure will be worth millions in sponsorships to the Champ Car teams……… Then I heard the alarm clock ……ugh!

Mondrian Mobile by Emily Duffy

Mondrian Mobile by Emily Duffy - Art Car Central
Mondrian Mobile by Emily Duffy - Art Car Central
Mondrian Mobile
Mondrian Mobile by Emily Duffy - Art Car Central
Mondrian Mobile by Emily Duffy - Art Car Central
The Mondrian Mobile was created by artist Emily Duffy inspired by 30's artist Piet Mondrian. This is one the first art cars that made an impression on me that inspired me to create the Mercedes Pens Art Car Covered in 10,000 pens. She is also the creator of the Vain Van Art Car.

Basic Transportation Car and Truck Blog sells out and gets ads!

After hours of code bull crap, you're now surrounded by ads! Look, above, below, to the side, ads, ads, ads everywhere! Yes, we've sold out, mostly because we're so damn broke and can use the extra couple nickels every month. Superballs and stickers, even gumballs are now almost within out might, Google Ad-powered grasp!

More Trumoil in Champ Car Schedule

Champ car has decided to abandon the San Jose Street race and return to Laguna Seca in 08. Event is rumored to be in mid May. Can anyone say Zoom Zoom? Is there a connection to the event and a possible engine badge deal?

The event will also feature the Grand Sham cars, like in Long Beach a couple years ago.

Hard to tell if we are coming or going isn't it?

Volvo gets an extra 4 1/4 mpg from the C30 with simple tweaks - why are they alone?

Volvo C30 Efficiency
Fuel cells, hybrid drives and thousands of batteries. There's lots at the Frankfurt show to show off car companies as whale kissing, tree hugging, environmental freaks. Lots and lots of technology we might see in like ten years to help save the planet and help you score with hippie chicks.
hippie chick
For the moment, Volvo has decided to keep it real and, as Autoblog points out, simple as hell with the C30 Efficiency - a 1.6L Diesel Volvo that, by the way, already gets better gas mileage than Google's Prius Fleet (none-plug-in).

Tweaks (listed in another Autoblog post here) to the gears, undercarriage, even oil and tires and wheels and viola - 9 g/km (grams per kilometer you drive in it) less CO2 AND, AND, wait for it, AND 4.25 mpg more! That's savings you can take to the money bank and you can shit on Prius drivers, since - the new mileage I used a calculated, so I assume Basic Transportation - Car and Truck and Electric Vehicle (why not) blog brought it to you first. Click on title to see Autoblog's C30 Efficiency image gallery (not exciting, but efficient).

VW GTI Convertible (I mean, Cabrio) - Make it, Make it, Make it!

VW GTI Cabrio Concept
VW Convertible
Notice, we haven't even mentioned Frankfurt because that stuff only effects super rich people looking for a 1million euro Lamborghini etc. At Basic Transportation - we're pretty much about basic transportation. Which means, when a cool spin on a groovy hatchback comes along - we're gonna flag it up!

Remember the 80s GTI Cabrio, that somehow was all 'fun in the sun' without any of the girliness? Like the Miata, the Vdub was just too fast and fun to be a chick car. And so, we're taking a stand right now. If VW makes a GTI Cabrio again, it'll be too awesome to be for girls! (they already got the Beatle and the EOS.

Build it!

This Week in Gas Price History: California's paying less, Texas paying more, but we're all screwed

To be precise, we're screwed at a rate of 20 cents since last year, about buck since this week 2004. So, really, the long-term outlook for being able to guzzle as much gas as we want is probably on the decline. So, again, I gotta ask - how much is too much - remember this poll? Vote now!

Hatchback Sales are Way Up. Uh....yay!

Plymouth Horizon Dodge Omni

Here's a couple examples of hatchbacks that don't suck; The VW GTI, which exists and is great and the Dodge Hornet, which may or may not be getting made or not made in China or America, some say.

And, of course, there's the Fiat 500 which I hyped up so big a couple days ago that I don't feel the need to talk about it anymore. Dodge Hornet

Either way, according to the L.A. Times, which uses fancy 'sta-tis-tics', sales of hatchbacks were way up in July 07 while overall car sales were down. This could simply mean that the economy is crumpling a little faster than it seems and that the only cars people feel they can afford are small and cheap - The Nissan Versa is on the list of big winners...but then so is the not-at-all-cheap Mini. So it's not the crumbling economy. It must be that some people are seeing the up side of having something relatively roomy that's not too expensive and, of course, gets ridiculous gas mileage. We're talking in the 30mpg range for most of these rear-window-wipered bastards!

So maybe, slowly, the image of the 80s hatchback is slowly going away...slowly. The Dodge Omni, pictured above, is, unquestionably, the hatchback that ruined the word 'hatchback' for all cars with a hatched back the same way hitler ruined that little mustache for everyone. It was a horrendous piece of car crap but did help get Chrysler saved by Congress. It was also Motor Trend's 1978 Car of the Year - which just proves Motor Trend is bullshit. Let's root for cars like the GTI and the Mini to make hatchbacks not suck.

You Decide: Roush Silverado - coolest truck ever or gaughty redneck fantasty?

Roush is famous for the crazy stuff they do to Fords. And, their Roush F150 is damn sweet. Unlike the....let's say...'understated' mods you get when you score yourself a Saleen F150, the Roush is loud, growling, brightly colored and generally obnoxious. And it looks like Roush has applied the same winning formula to a possible truck. And, look at it, if they don't end up making it - someone else will. Would you drive a bright orange truck with what looks looks like a shaker hood? Would you want it in a quad cab?

My vote's 'hell yes'

Driving the 2007 Escalade - Cool, wrong, really badly made

2007 EscaladeThere's too many car reviews online - so we hate doing them. But when given the chance to jump behind the wheel of a 2007 Escalade - the ultimate SUV - I said 'what the hell, let's do it.'

It goes without saying that the Escalade is sexy as hell and ridiculously roomy. But, of course, so is the Tahoe, which costs half as much. While they no longer share a platform and 95% of the parts, the two trucks are still the same size. The Escalade has an unnecessarily bigger, V8 and, most importantly, the constantly adjusted, futuristic-magnetically-charged shocks.

2007 Escalade InteriorAt one point, the Cadillac man that came along for the ride insisted, with no hint of sarcasm, that I try to flip the Escalade and - since it wasn't mine - I was happy to give it a shot. It didn't take long for me to get the four-ton bastard up to 50 on a surface street and, bracing myself for rollover goodness, I yanked the wheel for a hard left (after all, Tony Soprano flipped his Escalade and walked away).

The king of bling just turned into the parking lot where I pointed and screeched sideways like a Camaro. Expensive computers told one side of the car to become stiffer to make up for...physics. The truck was unflippable.

So, drivability is impressive and who doesn't like 22inch chrome rims from the factory. Quality is another issue altogether. Bare in mind that the $77 grand on the Escalade's sticker can buy a slew of different luxury cars. Before even getting a close look at the Caddy, I could see the seam of the drivers' door was crooked, narrow on the top and much wider on the bottom. This was without looking very closely - it didn't occur to me to check the body on a new car - I usually reserve it for salvaged pieces of crap like that Buick Riviera I had.

Crooked doors, on a brand new, $80K Cadillac. Seriously? Inside, the plasticky feel of fake wood panels glued onto pickup dashboard panels is a bit better than it was on the old, pickup-based Caddies - but not much better. The second time I went to backup, the backup camera had stopped working. The time before, it had shown the rear bumper on the navigation screen, which was cool. I put the car into 'drive' and then 'reverse' again. Nothing, the camera toy had gone too. Again, this Escalade had 40 miles on it at the time.

I was done. The Bose, 5.1 Dolby sound system also sounded like crap. The guy tried to explain that every Escalade's sound settings were adjusted at the dealer when it was purchased. 'So, it just sounds crappy from the factory?'

Maybe we, as a society, need to find a new pimpmobile? Maybe better-made and with better gas mileage?

2007 Great Car Deals!

It is the end of the 2007 model year, 2008 models are rolling in, so you know what this means? YES, 2007 deals are GREAT deals.

There are 2007 extra factory incentives as well as dealers willing to make deals to move the 2007 inventory out and make room for the 2008 inventory. You can literally save thousands on the car, truck, or SUV you are looking to buy. I have said this before and will say it one more time, make it easy on yourself and fill out this short form at Yahoo Autos. What this is going to do is save you all the money possible on your make and model choice before you ever step foot on the showroom floor. And, Its FREE! So if you have not already checked it out and save some BIG Money! Don't wait too long because your choices in 2007 inventory are dwindling on a daily basis and your choices will be limited.

Save a TON of money, bookmark my site, and come back and visit when you can stay longer. There are ways to save money on car insurance, auto parts, accessories, warranties, and just about anything dealing with the auto industry.

What the Hell? The Fiat 500 is a small car I actually like.

OK, so, at heart, I'm a redneck, and as such, I like big, comfortable and cheap cars/trucks with V8 engines, hooked up to the rear wheels. Small cars are for people that can't afford those and girls, right? And, yeah, the Mini is a great car...for girls. Even the Scion Xb is pretty cool...and yet it's for girls and high schoolers. But, there's hope for my gas guzzling ways (maybe). The Fiat 500 coming out in our fifty-first state, Europe makes me think twice. The interior is so convincingly old fashioned like. The safety rating is so good (top score from the EU folks). And the ridiculously amazing gas mileage of the Fiat 500 (56mpg) is just mind boggling. Yes, it's over 10 seconds 0-60 and yes, that sucks from a standing stop at a freeway onramp - but damn!

At the end of the day, my car might easily be a Chevy Silverado Extended cab...yeah...with leather. Although a Mustang GT Convertible also whispers my name at night. But if the Fiat 500 comes to to the States (and there's a tiny chance it will), I might think about it for my Hollywood, green car cred.

A 'Green' car that doesn't bore the crap outta ya? - Check out the Citroen C-Cactus Concept

Citroen C-Cactus Concept
Yes, the Elettrica in the last post is very...responsible. But it's basically a golf cart. And yes, the Prius makes people feel good about their environmental mindedness. But it's a horrible, fish-shaped, boring, cloth-seated five-door hatchback. So, at this year's Frankfurt Autoshow, Citroen is showing off a concept that won't have you shrugging your shoulders until they're sore and discolored. Instead, marvel at the chunky Citroen's curves and bulges, windows that look like they were crudely drawn with a crayon. That's what you want from a car that gets about 70mpg - which totally craps on the Prius's 40 and change to the gallon.

Plus, the C-Cactus achieves this gas economy through fancy diesel technology, variable valve timing and other cleverness. Not just using electric when going slow. And, finally, while Prius uses damn-near-impossible to recycle batteries - lots of them, the C-Catus is made to be easier to recycle and more green to produce. Now let's hope Citroen actually produces it!

Check out more pix from Autoblog Green - Citroen C-Cactus Concept!

New Elettrica electric vehicle take on GWiz and NICE Mega City on London streets

Today, Future Vehicles in UK, best known for retrofitting original Minis with electric running gear, announced that they'd be making the first electric car actually manufactured in UK. While India-made GWizzes and French NICE are abound in central London, the tiny Elettrica will be able to offer more range, taking two passengers up to 70 miles on a single charge - as opposed to 50 like the NICE or Gwiz.

The added range is thanks to a Lithium battery. The GoinGreen and their GWiz expect to offer these on new models and as upgrades in early 2008. Another important feature of the Elettrica, if you like living, is the safety. The GWiz got into some hot water because, since these EVs aren't classed as cars by the EU, the safety standards are pretty lax. Future Vehicles created a safety 'shell' for the Elettrica similar to the on Smart ForTwos.

The Lithium-powered Elettrica will gost £12,750 inc VAT - compare that to the newly-reduced cost of
£7,299 for the AC-drive GWiz or around £10K for a Mega City - both can (uncomfortably) seat four. Expect to see these funky-looking green machines on the streets of London soon. Test drives are already being scheduled in the capital. Check out the link when you click the title.

More Paper,,,,,,

Ok, as promised here's my take on what "Paper" was trying to say.

"First, the advesarial aspect of two entities who DO have the power to make the next step of Champcar extremely difficult are working. One is american, the other outside america. NEITHER involve TG."

The two entities are likely the FIA and NASCAR or the ISC. Apparently his contact has suggested they somehow interfered with the Phoenix operation causing it to fail. A second possibility is that financing dried up due to the current credit crunch. So Paper believes that CCWS should stand up and fight back.

Fight what, the way I see it if there was interference and it is believed to be tortious then they need to decide if they could win their claim in court and if so proceed. However it's possible they simply got out maneuvered by a competing business. If that the case then shame on them and let's hope they file it in lessons learned!

Now why is that? As weak as we may be we are on a precipice to reach a very substantial level as a series. WHY? we do something neat for less.

Not trying to put words in his sentences but I think if we substitute a word or two here we come up with what he intended to. So delete precipice and reword to include brink. Now I think it means that the series is about to become a force to be reckoned with.

Perhaps but only a seriously fanatical fan would think so, of course that would be how you would describe "PAPER",,,,,,,, and his patented commas,,,,,,

Herewith another post where he is defending his sources and his right to keep them confidential.

Quoted from Fanatics Forum:

I emailed in the morning when this was leaked on TF by someone in INDY. My response came when someone was not in a plane. I then asked if I could say whats up on our forum as it was goofy on others. So yeah I knew most of the day, this was only a half a day past the promoter bailing. I chose not to run here saying anything without permission. Some of what caused this is a banking industry situation that Im sure anyone reading the news will understand. When there are independent promoters contracted theres always a chance things can be interupted. The series and the most popular scapegoat in most frustrations took on nascar and the ISC earlier this year and won, this time by another avenue things got railroaded. The endless demands for me to spill every last detail to anonymous screen names ., some insulent , is never going to happen. I have no idea who some of you are, and then theres the very public viewing. Some things cant be shared until theres a feeling of trust. So shoot the messenger ,,Im used to it. Hopefully and its mandatory in my opinion there will be a group statement when all can sit together . Right now the main breifing is in the air on a 12 hr flight. For those who jump to thinking CC owners waited until everyone was out of the country.. You have pinned the tail on the wrong donkey. paper

A Champ Car Fan Named Paper,,,,,,


Originally Posted by paper
this may be merged, but Ive waited for a go ahead. The series WILL NOT be over or jeopardized by the Phoenix cancellation, It is in NO way a mess or foulup on series management. IT became out of all hands, JUST LIKE china. Now you can believe me or you can not. The most important thing that is upon us it two fold, I said TWO FOLD. First, the advesarial aspect of two entities who DO have the power to make the next step of Champcar extremely difficult are working. One is american, the other outside america. NEITHER involve TG. Take a breath there. Now why is that? As weak as we may be we are on a precipice to reach a very substantial level as a series. WHY? we do something neat for less. NOW , one can get behind this or freak out posting a bunch of bunk about who is at fault bla bla bla, and some yesterday crap. SECONDLY,, save your boos for IF and when our series leaders dont come out of the pouting spell and stand the **** up against this. IF they dont and soon, then boo, ITs gone on to long. Kevin,, Gerry, Dan, Paul,, kick ass and take no prisoners ,,,,,,, After all some of you are beyond ready. Mods.. please let this thought stand alone. Ive waited ALL day to post it. I needed permission. and CCF, lets endorse kicking ass of the assassins who seek our demise, not each other or anyone wearing our colors. If we dont, we fickin screwed. are you with that? Not are you with frickin "paper" are you with that? This has been a very frustrating day. make it better by getting behind this series. pat

This was posted by "Paper" on the fanatics forum, a frequent poster of everything good about Champ Car. This post set of a flurry of posts by the fanatics loyalists and others over the canaellation of the Phoenix event.

There are more different opinions about this than MONK has issues, ranging from CCWS immediate demise to everything is wonderful.

Many have criticized paper, a self procalimed fan with certain connections, for being cryptic.

What do you think he is saying here?

My guess later!

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