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I Hate

Bike Snob NYC is really bringing the hate today. Here's some more:

I Hate:

- People who sing with their hands. Not deaf people (although what would be the point?) - I mean people who actually sing and move their hands so it makes them seem more soulful...and the more needlessly they move their hands the more needless notes there seems to be (i.e. half the American Idol auditions and the aspiring vocalist singing the National Anthem at a high school basketball game.)

- People who leave their bags on the seat next to them on the train. If this is you, I will purposefully sit next to you just to make you move your bag even if there other open seats - which I would then sit in and place MY bag on the floor so as not to be a rude piece of shit.

- People who can't parallel park.

- People who are grossed out by vegetables. Or any healthy food for that matter. I knew a guy in college who ate maybe 80% of his meals at Chili's - and maybe 50% of that was baby back ribs. I don't ever want to see that guy again.

- People who never walk anywhere. But then this is redundant because they are also usually the same people who only eat food out of a brightly colored paper sack, can't parallel park or be bothered to give a shit about anybody else around them, and who listen to Mariah Carey.

Tin Foil Art Car? And Other Uses

I couldn't help my self when I found this car, covered in tin foil. It has a high rating on protecting you from alien rays but a very low road visibility safety rating. The car also comes with...

The tin foil cat owner and the cat

The tin foil home office

The tin foil dog

The tin foil front yard T-Rex sculpture

And the tin foil abba album

For the man who has it all.

Hump Day

I love Pez. Boob Flavored Pez.

Go John go! Not that I would ever vote for the man (have never voted Republican in my life, and I'm not going to start this year - although Ron Paul has tempted me) I am glad to see John McCain's resurgance as the new front-runner. Sure he's an ornery, mean-spirited, old - elephant, for that matter - and he is incredibly out-of-touch with today's youth, but at heart, this guy guy truly believes in what he's campaigning for. And that he's back now, as the likely nominee for the Republican nomination is a feel-good story for me. After the disgusting race-baiting tactics used by Bush operatives in 2000 (that McCain was traitor for caving during his torture by North Vietnamese prison guards and that he fathered a half-black child) during the South Carolina primary and watching the Straight Talk Express completely derail, it's great to see that he really has stuck with his message and it's finally paying off. However, not that it's a message I really want to hear. I can't understand his slavish support of Bush (nor anyone's for that matter - how can otherwise intelligent human beings think Bush plays any sort of leadership role in this country other than reading his lines on camera?), or The War. And our involvment in the Middle East will not only continue if he is elected President, it will expand. Already the U.S. has further ensconcing itself in permanent bases in Iraq, and this has been the plan all along. Most likely to support future operations against Iran.

Sean Young apparently got wasted at the Director's Guild Awards, and had to be escorted out after heckling during a speech.

38 Days until camp in San Luis Obispo. I had a great workout on the gerbil wheel last night. Last year I was totally unable to do more than 30 minutes on that thing before my brain started oozing out my ears. I not only did a 51 minute single-leg drill; immediately afterwards, I put Robbie Ventura's "Race Day" (thanks, Leonard!) into the DVD player and got my first intensity outside of the weightroom since the 40+ degree weather we had back early in the month.

And Hillsboro will be here before you know it...Allez, Allez!

False Voodoo Art Car

Photos taken at Art Car Fest 07 In San Francisco by addadada

This amazing volvo stationwagon art car comes from Sebastopol CA, created by artist Art Moura, who mainly paints sculptured recycled materials such as drift wood, plastic dolls and other found objects. So far he has produced a large body of art that can be seen on his My Tribe account. Below are some of his thoughts about his car:

I stated painting my car New Years Eve 2006. My friend, Patrick Amiot came over that morning with paint and told me it was time for me to paint my car. So I painted into the New Year. I later added painted dolls heads that I had about and slowly added other art pieces that I make. Its been a great way to have people see my art without going through the gallery and coffee house channels. I have a few names for it, Kali Eating Evil, The Birth of Venise Over and Over and Fog Vodooism which is the type of Art I create, a false vodooism, cast away consumer fetishes made into powerless gods of the voodoo fog from a mind lacking science but believing in nothing else. Art Moura

I Am Thor...

...tho thore I can't even pith.

I did hack squats on the Smith machine yesterday, single-leg lunge-style. 4 sets of 6 reps at 235 lbs.


Review Of 2008 Nissan Armada

Review Of Nissan Armada 2008 - First Shown At Chicago Auto Show
By Jyoti Chaudhary

"The 2008 model year is already shaping up to be a tremendous year for Nissan with the previously announced Altima Coupe and all-new Rogue crossover SUV ? and now new Titan, Pathfinder and Armada," said Larry Dominique, vice president, Product Planning, Nissan North America, Inc. "Attendees at the Chicago Auto Show will have five great new reasons to visit the Nissan display."

2008 Nissan Armada:

Although major changes are expected in 2010 year model Nissan-Armada-2008 is the largest SUV by Nissan.

Mechanical Specifications:

The Nissan Armada is equipped with 5.6 L 32-valve V8 engine and LEV emission system. Flexible Fuel compatibility is optional and only available in North Central, South Central, South East and Mid-Atlantic regions. It has two variations SE and LE and each has two options of drivetrains- front engine rear wheel drive(2WD models) and front engine all mode 4WD models. It is equipped with four wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brakeforce System (EBS). For more details visit

Tires and Wheels:Full size spare tire is standardised for this. SE models come with 18" by 8" 6-spoke alluminium alloy wheels and P265/70R18 tiires whereas LE models come with 20" by 8" 6-spoke alluminium alloy wheels and P275/60R20 tires.


(1) Moon-roof Packages(M): which include power sliding glass sunroof with one-touch open/close and tilt features for all models and Power liftgate for SE and LE models. It costs USD1,000.

(2) Tow Package(TW): This package includes heavy duty batteries, Lower final gear ratio(3.357:1), two-reciever hitch, seven-pin wiring harness and trailer brake pre-wiring for all models and auto-leveling rear suspension for SE models. This package can enable a vehicle to tow upto 9100 lbs(4*4) or 9000 lbs (4*2). This option is available for both type of Armada models.

(3) LE preferred packages(PR): This Nissan Armada package is exclusively for LE model. It include puddle light,power folding auto dimming outside mirrors with turn signals, Blue tooth hands-free phone system, power flip-out rear quarter windows,heated front seat, memory driver's seat, mirrors and pedals.

(4) SE driver package(D): This package is exclusive for SE models. It includes fog lights, front sonar system, rear view mirror, homelink universal transceiver, auto-dimming rear view mirror, digital compass and outside temperature display, digital bose audio system, dual media playback with wireless headphone capability and two headphone jacks, radio data system (RDS), 12-speakers, XM- sattelite radio,

Besides there are many packages which are available for both models of Nissan Armada. Some packages are standard for any model. In that case it does cost extra money but in case of adding the option price is increased by cost of the package.


The capacity of fuel tank is 28 Gallons. According to EPA estimation the average mileage given by the Nissan Armada is 12mpg in cities and 17 to 18 mpg on highways. Seating capacity is 8 people and towing capacity is maximum 9100 lbs if properly equipped.


Prices for the new 2008 Nissan Armada, which is offered in eight models, start at $35,250 for the Armada 4x2 SE and $41,750 for the Armada 4x2 LE. FFV (Flexible Fuel Vehicle) editions of the same models are offered at no additional cost in select markets. Four-wheel drive Armadas begin at $38,050 for the Armada 4x4 SE and $44,550 for the Armada 4x4 LE. As with the 2WD models, Flexible Fuel Vehicle versions are available at no additional cost in select markets.


The major enhancements to Nissan Armada for 2008 include a new front fascia, new headlight and fog light designs, new one-piece roof rack design, revised rear fascia and an available 20-inch wheel and Michelin tire package (LE only).

Inside, the 2008 Nissan Armada offers an available power folding 60/40 3rd row seat (LE only), new interior colors and fabrics, new gated shifter, new wood grain accents (LE only), available heated steering wheel (LE only), a locking glove compartment and revised steering wheel and combination meter illumination. Armada LE 2007 had 7 seating capacity whereas Armada LE 2008 has 8 seating capacity.

Armada technology enhancements include an Intelligent Key with twist start (standard LE, optional SE), enhanced Bose sound system with 9.3-gigabyte Music Box hard drive and 3rd row speakers and amplifier (standard LE, optional SE), Bluetooth hands-free phone system (optional on LE), improved available Nissan Navigation system with an XM NavTraffic system with real-time traffic information (XM contract required), a standard integrated 7.0-inch color information monitor and a larger 8.0-inch screen for the optional DVD Entertainment Package.source:Right now following types of packages are offered:
Article Source:

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All New 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee In Detail

All-New 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee in Detail
By Lisa Ziegler

DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group division has recently unleashed the all-new 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee to enter the mid size sport utility vehicle (SUV) market segment. For the 2008 model year, Chrysler Group's Jeep brand is offering a wide range of power plant options for the vehicle.

Powertrain options for the all-new 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee include: all-new 4.7-liter V-8 engine; the award-winning 3.0-liter common rail diesel V-6 engine; 3.7-liter V-6 engine; 5.7-liter V-8 HEMI® engine; and the 6.1-liter HEMI V-8 engine. According to Jeep, the all-new 4.7-liter V-8 engine delivers 30 percent increase in horsepower and a 10 percent increase in torque output compared to the previous 4.7-liter engine. In addition, the engine also offers an improved fuel economy.

The all new 4.7-liter V-8 engine delivers 305 horsepower (227 kW) and produces 334 lb.-ft. amount of peak torque (453 Nm), 30 and 10 percent increased output respectively, thanks to the advanced engine systems including two spark plugs per cylinder, valve-lash adjuster, increased compression ratio, improved cylinder-head port flow, electronic throttle control, and a new combustion system. For optimum engine performance, customers can get Jeep Power Programmer. Moreover, the new 4.7-liter V-8 engine is capable of running on 85 percent ethanol fuel (E85) combined with the conventional fuel like diesel or petrol gas.

The 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with new features like the high-intensity discharge (HID) auto-leveling headlamps. These lighting technology provides optimal the light output for improved night time illumination compared to conventional reflector lamps found on other vehicles. Other exterior features include ParkView Rear Back-up Camera with navigation system, ParkSense Rear Back-up System, SmartBeam headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, memory mirrors, 18-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheels, and Jeep signature 7-slot radiator grille.

Talking about "new" features of the 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the vehicle also comes with new active and passive safety and security features. These include standard Hill Descent Control (HDC) that provides downhill assistance at a controlled rate of speed; Hill Start Assist (HSA) that allows the driver to change from brake to throttle; and Trailer Sway Control that reduces trailer sway as well as provides improved towing stability and safety.

Inside, the 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with a comfortable and functional interior environment. Interior features include two-tone instrument panel, new tilt and telescoping steering column, MyGIG Multimedia Infotainment System with built-in navigation, audio, entertainment and communication system, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, plus other features exclusive for every Grand Cherokee model trim. In addition, the 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the first Chrysler Group vehicles to offer the all-new SIRIUS Backseat TV that features three family friendly channels including Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.

Available in Laredo, Limited, SRT8, and Overland model trims, the 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee will roll out in Jeep dealerships beginning in fall 2007.
For more about your Jeep parts needs like Jeep power programmer, visit your trusted online source.
Lisa Ziegler is a 29-year old native of Waldport, Oregon and is currently working as a senior research analyst in a top Automotive Research Consultancy firm.
Article Source:

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Car Loan After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is one of those things people hate to do, but sometimes is the only way out of a desperate situation. After Bankruptcy, it is possible to get a Car Loan!

After Bankruptcy, go to your local bank and see about taking out a small personal loan with some collateral. It does not have to be a large amount to start out. Try borrowing $300 and put your computer or TV up for collateral. This is just a start to building your credit up after bankruptcy.

Next, apply for a credit card. This is what got most in Bankruptcy trouble in the first place so be careful. A high risk card may have a large fee just for opening. You may have a $200 balance the day you open the card, but this is just to get a start on your credit. Do Not go out and charge a large amount on the card. After 3 or 4 payments, your limit will be raised so do not get carried away. You want to always keep your balance on a credit card below half of the available limit to get maximum points on your credit score.

After Bankruptcy, you do not have to pay extra for a car. Some loans do require you to pay an acquisition fee, but do not think you have to pay full sticker for the car. Go To Yahoo! Autosand get a FREE QUOTE on the vehicle of your choice. Make sure you fill the form out completely and they will fight for your business. This will give you a price before credit is ever discussed.

You may find these articles useful as well:
Credit Scores; What They Mean And How To Improve Them.
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Bad Credit Car Loans!

Yin my Yang, please.

The cover story (Sympathy For the Devil? - Rick Perlstein) in this weekend's Chicago Reader had me riveted to today.

Every successful debater needs to use a thoughtful understanding of his opposition in order to stake a claim or position.

Perlstein recognizes the ultimate tenet of conservatism (protecting against the Tyranny of the Majority) and empathizes with it's followers, all in the service of debunking entire claim as a governing ideal.

And he makes the point:

Peanut butter’s just the beginning. From airport delays to coal mine safety to collapsing bridges, Perlstein and other bloggers have been making the case that conservatism is a failure—not because of incompetence or cronyism but because it is not and cannot be a governing philosophy.
Yet, therein lies Perstein's bias. He is of course citing what has happened during the course of an era in which our country has been ruled unilaterally under Republicanism in both the White House and Capital Hill. Without a counterbalancing force, the strongly conservative government lost focus and pushed things too far. The beneficiary's of the movements red-tape-cutting got greedy and lost sight of the public good.

Yet didn't this same thing happen throughout the 1960's? Johnson's Great Society ended in shambles. The participants of the Age of Aquarius actually lived to see a Democrat end "Welfare as we know it." Government spending on social programs run amok basically amounted to just throwing money at any and all problems. Doing as much to drive up inflation as George Bush has done throwing money into endless war in the Middle East.

Conservatism without the counterbalance of liberalism - or more correctly, socialism - leads to fascism, i.e. cutting inspectors at the FDA due to lobbying efforts by the Beef industry leading to increased outbreaks of E. coli, which is then dealt with by restricting the media's ability to report on the outbreak instead of hiring more inspectors. Or much worse, such as drafting a pliable front-man as a candidate for president, using his brother to manipulate the election results in a key swing-state, then stocking his cabinet with former oil executives and using the entire term to prosecute a war of profit in an oil-rich region.

Yet, Liberialism/socialism without the counterbalance of conservatism leads to communism, i.e. bringing to life entire bureaucracies designed to help less fortunate that suck the life and power and financial means of the nation as they are simply taken advantage of due to the fact that it's citizens no longer have any competitive incentive.

The nation is at it's healthiest when there exists opposing forces of change in equal strength. That's not to say you should quit protesting the war, or end your pro-life stance. By all means, keep it up. Just know that there will always be someone pushing you back across the line.

This is not meant to contradict myself, but it probably will. I never let myself caught up in certain political debates - most specifically the abortion/life debate. It is simply a divisive issue meant to divert attention from more important issues that will have the power to affect us - such as War, Energy Policy, and Health Care. Simply imagine if the President or Congress really did move to challenge Roe v. Wade, or the Supreme Court really did overturn it. Imagine the power of the backlash that would happen. So far with the political conversations going on at the debates, it seems we're on the right track however.

The point is, if you can’t feel what they feel, then you can’t take them seriously as political opponents. You see only the flimsy intellectual foundations and miss the motivating power of strategically harnessed resentment. From Adlai Stevenson to John Kerry, high-minded liberals have acted as if they were blind to the root feelings that feed the followers of politicians like Nixon and Bush. Instead, they alternate between expecting a fair fight on the issues (and getting swiftboated instead) and imagining that once people realize what a bad person Nixon or Bush is, the people will turn against him.

Conservatism isn’t just a temporary delusion or a wacky distraction. In Perlstein’s view, it’s a deep-seated expression of human nature. He recalls the Gilbert and Sullivan song from Iolanthe about two kinds of babies: “I often think it’s comical / How nature always does contrive / That every boy and every gal / That’s born into the world alive / Is either a little Liberal / Or else a little Conservative.” His point: “We’re not going to eliminate them. The best we can do is to win our 51 percent. What’s fascinating is that we share this country together.”

Keyboard Keys Homer Simson Art Car

Mmmm, donuts...Art Car, Covered, Keyboard Keys, Homer Simpson, Doh! its late and I am tired off bloging. Goodnight

Pokémon Covered Art Car

Photo Credit
This 2003 Dodge Neon SXT covered in 1500 Pokémon cards was posted on eBay for sale by a college student and his friend who spent 25 hours covering the car. I think he should have waited for the car to become a classic before selling it, it could happen. Below is the listing info from the auction:

• Never smoked in

• No current mechanical problems - drives great

• It is a manual with a short stick installed - for smoother shifts

• There are a lot of miles on it - but they are mostly highway (I went to University of Texas at Arlington and I lived in Plano. For those of you who don't know, that's about a 40 mile drive.)

• I'm the second owner of this car and in my opinion, it's a GREAT first car. It gets 27/30+ MPG and is truly unique.

• The only problem with the car is the seats. There are some stains that would be removed if the buyer meets the reserve

• The car is worth at least $5,000 and like I said, I really am a poor college kid...

Russian Furniture Art Car

Photo Credit
This old Moskvich-407 car was seen in an interior design store in Russia all decked out in furniture, silks and painted in gold. It was for sale for $13,000 but what I want to know is how long it will take for them to deliver it to my house?

Rubber Glove Art Car

Rubber Glove Art Car
Photo Credit
Rubber glove car is brought to you by some dude in Seol Korea. He is eather a doctor working for a big rubber glove corporation or a very disturbed patient. I will stop know.

Car In Bloom Art Car

Photo Credit

Car in Bloom was created in the UK by celebrity florist Paula Pryke, a car completely covered in real flowers.

Sunday Cartoon Comics Art Car

This Sunday Cartoon art car was photographed by Nate Orgain
in Tuscan Italy. The nice thing about this car is that you can enjoy the comic section seven days a week and you always know where to find it.

Colbert in the NPG

Anybody see the episode of the Colbert Report where he is on a tour of the National Portait Gallery? He's with the director and he is questioning why some of the people in there are there and he isnt. When he saw a picture of Johnny Cash he said "junkie", Upton Sinclair "communist", Woody Allen "pedophile".

My buddy Mat, who currently resides in Dee Cee, went to the NPG yesterday and snapped these pictures. Apparently, the issue is resolved. Not to mention drawing lots of traffic.

Next Gig...


The Midnight Shows will be live on Saturday, Feburary 9th at Subterranean, in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. 2011 W. North Avenue, to be exact. 18 and over show, too.

We'll be bringin' our usual all-original Midwest-cum-Motown sound, with a couple other bands we are very excited to be sharing the stage with.

Opening are the Butterfly Assassins (pretty popular with the youngn's I hear...

And another Chicago band, Hot as Hell (my buddy Mat directed these two videos).

Greatest Simpsons Quote, EVER:

"Come on, Marge. It's uterUS, not uterYOU."

Art Cars On Ice 2008 is on!!!!

Photos from ArtCars On Ice! 2007

Aero Car 2 by Dave Major

Cork Truck By Jan Elftmann

Art Cars on Ice 08 has officially started and will run January 19-Feb-16th. You can go over and visit Art Shantys with an Art Car Taxi service available to take you out to the ice Saturday and Sunday from 10am - Sunset. The Art Cars on Ice Parade will be on Saturday February 9th at 1pm. and the event is held in Minneapolis every year. From someone who has no clue about driving out on the ice this event to me is crazy, but it looks like a loot of fun if you don't mind the cold weather.

Am I Going to Die?

My fortune cookie at lunch


Trying Times in the Basement

At rehearsal last night my band leader wanted to rewrite a bunch of my bass lines.

This happens every few months or so. When he first hears them, they are cooler than ice...then he completely ignores anything I new for the next 2 months, and once he starts paying attention again, asks, "dude, did you change that line?"


Then we try and rewrite bass lines on 3 or 4 tunes out of a 12 song set. So it's basically the equivalent trying to teach someone English while speaking French the whole time. I don't know of any other way to describe the feeling. But I'll play what I have been playing, he'll say, "no it's too busy/simple" and then "simply/busy it up."

So I do.

He likes it for five minutes. And then changes his mind and says, "like this." And then basically plays it exactly as I had been playing it for the last few months.

I sorta slap my forehead, sigh, and continue trying to work with him for about five minutes until he realizes it's the same. Then I hear how it needs to be funkier, but what I'm playing is to syncopated. What I'm playing is too simple, but now there's too much movement.

"Hmmmmmmm. It's just not 'black' enough." Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and virtually all of the Motown discography are our standard, rightfully so, but sometimes it's not really what he wants. After all, we are just a bunch of white guys.

For example, on Sound Opinions this weekend, NPR's rock n' roll talk show starring Greg Kott and Jim Derogotis, the two Chicago music critics offered up their all-time unsung rock heros. One of which was James Jamerson, the man - influentially, at least - behind virtually all of the Motown bass lines recorded after 1970.

And JJ's lines were as busy as they come. Constant countermelody to the vocals, outlining the chords, as it should, but there is constant movement - understated, easy and lyrical - but always moving.

There's still the big influences of The Replacements, The Stones, Iggy Pop, and even the Stone Roses to contend with, however. We are far, FAR more than just a Motown band. What we are, however, I have no idea. And never will.

Because, in the span of 30 mintues I went from frustration, telling myself to give Rudy what he wants for the recording so he can have something concrete to teach his new bass player, to "eureka!" and finding the exact line I wanted and eager for our next rehearsal, and next show in two weeks at Subterranean on February 9.

It's those moments of discovery and musical release that keep me in this insane schedule of KatyBikeWorkMusicParty repeat. There's really no humanly way possible of balancing a schedule of two bands, a serious bike racing commitment, work, and a personal life beyond a day at a time. Of course, in 2 months, in the studio, Rudy will decide everything we came up with is no good, and I will commit suicide as we burn through dollars trying come up with new bass lines, keyboard lines, new beats to replace perfectly good imperfect ones in the relentless pursuit of perfection.

It will eventually kill me. I'll have to recognize the symptoms before it does and get the hell out. I already know I am taking way to much on to be successful in any of my many endeavors. It's just I enjoy the relationships I have built in all of them. I can't stomach the thought of telling anybody, "I'm out." But, soon there's just gonna have to be a safety valve blow.

In favor of love. For her and the bike.

Until then I'll keep looking for "eureka."

2008 Cadillac CTS - Motor Trend Car Of The Year

The 2008 Cadillac CTS will live up to the "Motor Trend Car Of the Year Award." To be eligible for Car of the Year, a vehicle must be totally new or redesigned, and released in the 12 months prior to January 1, 2008. There were 17 other vehicles competing for this title to include: Audi S5/A5, Ford Focus, Scion xB, Audi TT, Ford Taurus, Scion xD, Chevrolet Malibu, Honda Accord, Subaru Impreza, Chrysler Town & Country, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Volvo C30, Dodge Grand Caravan, Mini Cooper, Volvo XC70, Dodge Avenger, Mitsubishi Lancer.

The 2008 Cadillac CTS was designed for the younger generation to take notice and to also capture buyers of European cars and gain global appeal. Motor Trend not only looks at styling, but also how the car handles, fuel mileage, engineering, advancement in design, safety, just to name a few of the criteria. These cars go through rigorous tests to claim the grand prize "Motor Trend Car of The Year."

The Cadillac CTS will have a base price of $32,990 which is a price point that will attract a wide array of buyers. GM equipped the base model with a 263 horsepower VVT-V6 with an optional 3.6 liter direct injection V6 VVT engine which has an impressive 304 horsepower. The CTS has an 8 speaker Bose sound system, 17 inch wheels, and dual zone climate control. The six speed automatic captured attention with a 0-60 in 6.3 seconds. The CTS has been said to be very responsive with sporty acceleration. The CTS will be rear wheel drive with an option of all wheel drive, available 40 GB internal hard drive, MP3 and IPod connections, available Navigation system, available ultra view roof which is a double roof that will allow light in for front and rear passengers, also available adaptive forward lighting where the lights will turn slightly with the turn of the steering wheel to allow better nighttime visibility.

This is just to name a few of the many features available on the all new CTS. If you are as excited about this car as I am, get your free quote on the Cadillac CTS At Yahoo! Autos

You can also choose another car, truck, or SUV to get a Free Quote at Yahoo! Autosto compare prices with the Cadillac CTS or any other vehicle you may be interested in.

Hump Day

Bike wheelie! (courtesy of Pez)

World of Warcraft hit 10 Million Subscribers this week. I thought it seemed a little quiet outside this week. This game just might be the answer to little Earth's population's a peek it what those of us who actually lead lives away from our computer are missing (there a boring intro until about 1:15...):

Sell your stock in Sanofi-Aventis.

Only 45 Days untl xXx Camp in beautiful San Luis Obispo!

(Photo by Erik Didriksen)

Two-fer Tuesday

Anybody catch the complete broadcast of Dr. Martin Luther King's seminal anti-war speech, "Beyond Vietnam", yesterday morning on NPR?

I listened to the whole thing, with chills and in rapt attention. The man's speaking voice was a musical instrument in the hands of a virtuoso. Measured, dynamic, with tempo and fluidity. And masterfully composed.

Its was ahead of it's time then, and inarguably prophetic in today's.

On the other end of the spectrum, how 'bout this fucking ray of sunshine?

P.S. Heath Ledger. He gone!

Open Wheel Racing is Dying

As many of you who have read my columns over the years may remember I have never been a proponent of any form of joining together of the two series. It has been my opinion that the two operate as businesses and that one or the other would flourish and grow and the other would wither and die. The survivor would be strong and would pick up the pieces of what was left of the other and OWR would flourish as before - before the split that is.

I've always been a supporter of Champ Car and have openly hoped that they would be the growth winner, and have said so. Well, reality is suggesting that I have been wrong. Actually my entire premise that one would grow and one would wither is being proven wrong, at least the one would grow part. Neither side has grown, it can be easily argued that in recent years they have both continued to shrink.

Indy is showing its skeleton like an emaciated horse. The old pole day audiences are no longer there. They struggle to get 33 cars for the event. Race day reveals many aluminum fans. And this is the IRL's premier event. I suspect that the profit from this event and the brickyard 400 support the IRL.

At Champ Car things are no better. Although we can never know, I doubt if profit is a familiar term at the headquarters. The gang of three has failed to raise this phoenix from the ashes. They have wandered aimlessly through the meadow of OWR without consistency or direction and 2008 will show the results of that. Walker racing suggesting CCWS might not be the place to be in the future and considering to pulling one entry this season. Matos is foregoing the 2 million dollar prize he won in atlantics and will return to Indy Pro. The TV schedule is in shambles with tape delays and 1 hour summaries. Tony Cotman is reported to be leaving. These are not growth examples these are withering examples.

So where are the sponsors, neither side is able to land enough sponsors to support their series. Neither side has a series sponsor. The IRL appears to have an edge on CCWS for recognizable sponsors and that is largely due to the Indy 500. The industry manufacturers are non-existent save for Honda and they are doubtful after 2009.

So what happens when one dies? Half of open wheel racing is gone. There will be very little for the other to salvage. It wouldn't help much if there was because after 11 years of negative growth there isn't much left on either side to work with and I doubt the remaining one will be able to save themselves.

I would love to hear what the old Cart guys say when they first see the weeds growing up through the cracks in the track at Indy a few years after the implosion!

Yes, I think open wheel racing is doomed. Damn you Tony George!

Caught a Cold

I suppose some good can come from the cold this weekend. I spent 6 hours on the trainer, numbing my senses and brain along with my taint. Kind of a breakthough. I can usually only manage one long trainer session every other day, let alone three in a row.

The key is a good music mix, end of story. Maximize the senses. Have a movie, or game, or race DVD on, of course, and keep it all fresh. Friday was two episodes of Law & Order and a Brit pop mix. Yesterday? The 1999 Tour and lots of Neil Young vs. 80's New Wave, of all things. Today? An old episode of NOVA and the first half of the AFC Championsip. Somebody must've had a sense of humor, down at Chicago Public Broadcasting: the rerun was about the Race for Absolute Zero. Have you ever heard of the Bose-Einstein Condensate? Me neither. But once I did, it made the broken latch on my Pearl Izumi back pack that snapped in last January's cold spell seem pretty minor, actually.

It was kinda funny though, as I visualized the end of races while I zoned out on the bike. I'd imagine myself at third wheel, taking the final turn into the sprint of the Evanston Criterium. Or cranking it out in the big ring up the hill of Spring Prairie, flying past everyone to the line, and I'd look down and catch my heart rate spiking past my base limit.

Even now the adrenaline still gets going. And knowing I'm laying down a quality base this winter is what is really keeping me on the trainer.

The Tree

The seed lay low, far beneath the sun and rain and clopping horse hooves.

The silver rays of morning scattered and broke apart the fresh earth, giving taste and fertility to its loamy home, covered in wet, scentful leaves. Drops from the night before, hanging fat, clinging to the last second, dipping, bending, falling noisily, heavily.

The seed moved.

Their feet came by, day after day. Pressing the earth. Sometimes stopping, sometimes not. Their voices floated down, gently to the ground. And became liquid. Into the earth they drained.

The seed opened. Green blindly searched, instictively grasping up, knowing only light.

The feet came by, day after day. Sometimes they stopped, and pressed the ground much wider. Bodies lay in the grass, on the leaves. Bees buzzed and sparrows chirped. Far away, in the farmhouse, a woman heard a cry, but she ignored it because the cry, full of lust and of love and heavy with salt and dirt smeared on clean, smooth skin, fell quickly. Below the bodies, down in the earth.
The cry stayed secret.

Except to the seed. It reached, strained. Quivered. Stretched, and at last broke the surface.

The seed grew taller, sturdier. Bark, like fledgling feathers appeared, with branches and seed reached ever higher so when the snow the arrived, it was ready.

In the cold and dark the seed waited, stunted and bare and withered. The bodies would come but never stop, the rain was frozen and the sunlight reflected back into the the cloudy sky off the white snow.

But finally the melt came, the water, and it's warmth once again worked its way down through the earth, and the sunlight wrapped itself around the seed.

And it grew stronger.

And when the bodies came, and pressed into the grass, with voices that were breath and liquid, the seed reached, and grew.

And so it went, until the sunlight, the rain, the hooves, the snow, the bodies, and the lusty, salty, liquid cry turned the seed into a tree.

Identity Theft-Ways To Protect Yourself

Identity Theft is a crime. It is done when an impostor obtains pieces of personal identifying information like your name, credit card number, Social Security number without your permission. This is also called ID Theft. Some identity theft victims resolve this problem quickly, but there are some who spend so much money in repairing their good names and credit record.

How do thieves steal your identity?

Skimming- stealing your credit/debit card numbers using special storage device when processing your card.

Changing Your Address – diverting your billing statements to another location by filing change of address.

Dumpster Driving – rummaging trash looking for bills or other paper with your personal information on it.

Pretexting – using false pretenses to obtain your personal information from financial institutions, telephone companies, and other sources.

Phishing – pretending being a financial institutions or companies and send spam or pop-up messages to get you to reveal your personal information.

Old-Fashioned Stealing – stealing wallets,mails that include bank and credit card statements; pre-approved credit offers, and new checks or tax information.

How can we protect ourselves from Identity theft?

Delete any suspicious emails from organizations requesting personal information from you

Be extra vigilant when giving out personal information

Shred all personal information before throwing it away in your rubbish

If you move, make sure you tell your bank and other organizations in advance

tell your mail service if you suspect your mail is going missing

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a) I love the sound my Palm makes when it syncs with my computer. I wish it made music like that everytime I had a good idea.

b) I think I might have kidney stones. Anyone ever have them before?

Standing on the Edge

There was this night back in college – wait. Stop right there if you think this going anywhere near where you’re thinking…

There was a night back in college, at the astronomy lab, when it all hit me pretty hard –“all” meaning everything.

I had a roommate who was a lab assistant, and I’d tag along for the nightly lab classes, getting peaks at Betelgeuse or Jupiter – the night Shoemaker-Levy impacted was spectacular. I still remember the night I realized just how big the Andromeda galaxy really is to the naked eye by learning how to view it just out of the center of your vision (it’s faint, but it’s much larger than the moon, actually). Many nights were spent just lying on the grass with dozens of other students catching a meteor shower or viewing the constellations.

It was just such a night when the vast black expanse above overtook me wholly, and I felt as though I was, in fact, suspended above the void, that nothing was holding up against the ground, and that I was imminently poised to fall into eternity. It was only physically experienced as a quick gasp and mild shortness of breath for a moment, but I went home that night shaken, unable to shake the feeling of complete insignificance.

Looking back on it now, it was probably a form of depression – brought on by being a broke-as-shit music student, no doubt. The smallness of my own world – and its then-current meaninglessness - juxtaposed against the realization of how big and vast the universe really was just sorta sent me over the edge. For a few months.

I’m not kidding. I was that obsessed about it. I guess it was probably a pretty constructive form of depression, however. I just spent hours daydreaming about what it all really was. When I saw this picture, called "Pillars of Creation" and described as a “star-factory” it seemed like I lost all productivity for months. I was lost in thought about the scale of millions of light years, about the interrelated functionality of it all – of pulsars, and Supernovae, and galaxies, and black holes, and more specifically – what’s beyond it.

Everything in our universe – up to the point that we can see anyways – is interrelated and part of something bigger or contains something smaller. Is the universe really infinite? What’s beyond its expanding, growing Space? Is there really nothing beyond its outer limits? And what is Nothing? If there’s at least empty – and I mean empty space – beyond, at least that’s still something. How can there be nothing at all?

Are there other universes beyond – other Big Bangs – going on right now? In a sense then, is our Universe really universal? Wouldn’t all of it be the Universe? Many millions of universes – universi? - (and even our own so big we cannot fathom the size of it any sort of term relative to our own existence) popping in and out of existence with Big Bangs like bubbles in a can of soda?

Imagine that. Taking the time scale of our – “our”…ha – Big Bang and reducing to the length of bubble of gas.

Time is very relative. With a scope as large as the one I just described, time stretches to the point, from our point of view it isn’t even moving. Billions and billions of “years” reduced to scale of a couple seconds in relation to what could be going in context all around it. In that scale, it all becomes clear, the functionality is revealed, much like view a time-lapse film of, say, the Earth’s magnetic field interacting with the Solar Wind, looking very much like a wind sock.

Yeah, I was smoking a lot of pot back then.

So? It’s doesn’t make what I was pondering any less relevant to my own existence. And that was the ultimate point. Why I got so lost within it in the first place. And I why I was finally able find my way out of the weeds eventually.

It’s all just so beautifully mysterious. And my life, and everyone’s, does have a place in it. No matter how small and insignificant our own existence and achievements may seem in comparison. It’s all out there for us to look at, wonder at, tremble, cry, investigate, learn, and solve, and then start all over again when we get to the next mystery. A friend of mine (thanks Tim) found this that I feel illustrates the concept wonderfully.

Anyways, I’ve been watching this new show on the History Channel lately, “The Universe,” and I highly recommend it. It’s a high concept science show, yet speaking in the vernacular, in the great tradition of “Nova” and Carl Sagan’s immortal “Cosmos.”

The talking heads on it are dynamic personalities who explain the theoretical concepts in terms we all can understand, get excited about, and get a headache together while thinking about it. So far they’ve covered topics ranging from the very specific, such as Jupiter’s moon’s or the Sun, to vast, mind blowing subjects such as The Big Bang, Super-Giant Black Holes, and this week’s new topic, Dark Energy.

Their explanation of how they found the Super-Giant Black Hole at the center of our own galaxy made me laugh out loud. It’s existence was finally confirmed by the flashes of light coming at regular intervals from the area (in the constellation Sagittarius) they suspected it to be. Turns out the flashes were vast amounts of light being sucked in to the black hole, and being expelled, much as when too much water is poured in to a funnel at once. The Black Hole was literally getting clogged and shooting light back out.

“The Universe” is currently on The History Channel on Tuesday nights. It is definitely my new favorite show.

(P.S. – I import this blog into facebook, and am going to tag my smart, scientist-type friends. Y’all better have some comments.)

Finnjet Mercedes Art Car is Simply Incredible

Photo by Paul McRae

Photo by Kay and Kevin Rolfes
I finally tracked down this amazing art car I saw a while back on some TV show about weird and strange cars. The "Finnjet", created by Antti Rahko is a 22-foot-long, 7,500-pound compilation of chrome made from 40 different cars, based on two Mercedes-Benz station wagons welded together. There are also parts from a 1962 Chrysler Imperial thrown in the mix, plus 86 lights and 36 mirrors added over six years. It also has three axles, two of which are steerable, a stove, microwave, freezer, TV, two air conditioning and even a sauna. The banner across the back that says "Thank You Lord For Humor". Rahko who resides in Florida uses this car as a limo to pick up to 10 tourist from the airport. Once he was puled over by 10 state troopers and a helicopter with a very big light to ask "What is this?"

Popular Quick Fix For Dented Cars-PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR

Most of us try and avoid dents in the car, hoping it will go away with time. Car dent removal seldom crosses our minds as we would rather ignore the concept of repair until we really need it. This could be dangerous as putting it off will only make the situation worse. Dents can be formed almost anywhere and at anytime. A golf ball, a stone and hail, you name it and it can dent your car! This can be pretty devastating when it's an expensive set of wheels. But cheer up! Car dent removal is available mobile dent repair technicians have the solution.

A word of caution

Even if your car has minor dents, do not decide to fix it yourself. Nor should you have it fixed in body repair shops since they will only charge you a price that is exorbitantly high-and you will not be able to get your car immediately. Small dents require little work and when done by a professional, you can have your car looking great again. Although there are several sites that advocate home car dent removal, this may be only applicable to those who have adequate knowledge in this field. If you do not know anything about repairing dents, then consult with a professional.

Specialising in Paintless Dent Repairs

Auto repair companies have experimented with different kinds of dent repair methods. While some worked, others failed. Most companies agree that PDR or Paintless Dent Repair works wonders especially for small dents. Some PDR technicians use standard tools while others use specially designed tools. With PDR your repair job is quickly and efficiently completed. PDR is also affordable, so it won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Paintless Dent Repair, as a specialised technique, is increasing in popularity in the UK. You will find expert services in many areas of the UK .With many specialist PDR companys Operating out of these locations, PDR experts are able to reach out to customers usually within 24 hours. Tools such as the ‘light tool' help to accentuate and highlight the smallest of dents. Precision work combined with experience makes this technique a winner!

Good results, lasting effects

For a method that is fast, simple and easy, Paintless Dent Repair is also economical. It will burn a hole in your pocket to get your car repaired in a conventional bodyshop.As PDR beats the option of having to re-paint your entire car, which could be an expensive affair. By enlisting the help of a professional, you are guaranteed a superior service at a reasonable price. Expert technicians can ensure that the car dent removal job is done well and to your satisfaction. In some cases your car can be back to its original state in less than an hour.

Copyright (c) 2007 Steven Magill
For more detailed information relating to Paintless Dent Repair conact Steve Magill, Managing Director of Dentmaster Wales or log on to .
A Popular Quick Fix For Dented Cars - Paintless Dent Repair
By Steven Magill

Art Cars in Manchester UK

I found a web site for the UK’s first Art Car Parade. Here are a few of the art cars from last years parade.

Car Jack Art Car

Tiki Love Truck Art Car

Glowing Goddess Art Car

Black Cab Art Car

French Art Car Parade Video

In 2004 two Houston Art Car dudes attended the first ever Art Car parade in Audincourt France. These art cars definitely have a french flavor to them, very funny and very unique, enjoy!

Graffiti Art Car

Graffiti Car in Prague, Czech Republic - photo by

Photo and Art by Jeral Tidwell.

Post-It Art Car

The post-it art car is a recent phenomena that was invented as an answer to being board out of your skull at a dead end job that you hate. I consider this a passive aggressive art form that allows a group or individual to let it all out, without the harsh consequences of a more aggressive form of vandalism. Its also a benign and cheap form of psychotherapy. Thank you MR. 3M, I can know fire my therapist:)Also a big thanks to those of you on Flickr who took these wonderfull pictures.

by Jamie Ingilby

by sahmof10

by danzden

by nmbrites

by doraemon

Shattered Glass Art Car

This Maserati Quattroporte was created by Italian artist Luca Pancrazzi, a car covered with 1,763 lbs. of shattered glass. Wow!!! there are definitely a few things I don't want do with this car: 1)Fall on it 2)Collide with it 3)Come near it. But its beautiful in a weird kind of way. Its a car that could maybe belong to Superman or someones "ex wife". Link came from Auto Blog

Painted Wallpaper Art Car

This VW Golf painted as antique wallpaper was formerlly owned by Andréa Davis the famous "Happy Artist". This car was aslo featured in Top Gear, nice work!

Wallpaper Art Car

This '90 Toyota Tercel belongs to a retiring wallpaper hanger named Pam the "Paper Hanger", who hangs wallpaper in Colorado Springs. She is retiring from the business and has offered her car up for sale for 2,250 with a mere 201,150 miles on it and a blue book value of $500. There has to be someone out who loves wall paper just as much as Pam does.

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