Beautiful BMW Z3

z3 4ever
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Beautiful BMW Z3!! Privacy Policy

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Female Car Insurance - Can There Really Be A Difference?

Female Car Insurance - Can There Really Be A Difference?
By Austin Davis

Female auto insurance is almost similar to other normal auto insurances except for few distinguishing features. It is necessary for all vehicle drivers to have sufficient insurance coverage irrespective of differences in gender, etc. Besides, women also need to be fully aware of special provisions and discounts on female auto insurance.

What is special about this auto insurance?
Insurance companies offer separate female auto insurance for women drivers. Premiums on such insurance are lower and it is most often easier to get. Insurance companies argue that although the number of accidents by men and women drivers could be the same, the intensity of accidents is by far less severe with women drivers. This is because women are safer drivers and less rash while at the wheel. Hence, insurance coverage in cases of accidents involving women drivers does not amount to huge amounts.

Where can I get my auto insurance?
It is simple and easy to shop for female auto insurance. You can talk to different insurance agents, financial professionals, and brokers before taking any final decision about your insurance. The best place to shop for this insurance is to look through different web sites of insurance companies. You can study all different offers of insurance companies and clear all your doubts through available different internet tools. You receive many quotes to pick the most suitable one.

While shopping for your female auto insurance do not opt for the cheapest available insurance. It is best to look into all possibilities and opt for the insurance offering best coverage. This will relieve you of many worries at occurrence of any eventuality. You then receive immediate medical care and attention while you can repair or replace your vehicle within very short time.

What is the available coverage?
Coverage under female auto insurance is almost similar to other insurances. Available coverage includes Property Damage Liability, Bodily Injury Liability, Personal Injury Protection, Collision, Comprehensive, Uninsured Motorist, etc. Such coverage helps you meet various expenses like medical, repair, replacement, property damages, etc. in the event of any accident.

Usually, women are less aware of different offers of female auto insurance. You rather stay away from acquiring details regarding discounts and special privileges for women and understanding nitty-gritty of things. Hence, it is necessary for you as driver and the owner of your vehicle to understand and be prepared to meet any eventuality by having sound and sufficient insurance backing.

Helping our female visitors get better rates on Female Auto Insurance

Leasing Cars Becoming A Non-Option

Many lenders are halting their lease programs because of declining residual values, declining used car prices, and because of the unknown.

Imagine yourself lending money for a car and you tell the person you will buy the car back in 3 or 4 years and you will give them X amount. Now, imagine doing this with thousands of people. Now, imagine these people coming to you selling their cars back to you and you lose $5000 or even $10,000 on each one of them! I see why lenders are scaling leases back or eliminating them entirely. You can only lose so much money before you wise up and change how you operate.

If you like to lease your vehicle, just realize your opportunity just became limited. You will be paying more or will not be able to lease with your choice of vehicle period. Lenders are going to straight out purchases and are cracking down on criteria for these. Lets hope Congress comes up with an answer soon to loosen the noose on lending.

Get A Decent Job Road Sign!

get a decent job
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Wow, what a sign to read on the road. Do you ever catch yourself reading them and wondering if anyone ever calls the #'s on them. Most of them are get rich quick schemes, but I really liked this one.

Penguins Under Car Warning - Funny Sign

Penguins Under Car Warning
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What in the world? Look under car for Penguins? Does anyone know where Table Mountain National Park is located?

Confidential Hate

Just because you two are in wheelchair bikes, doesn't mean you get to take up both lanes...

GM And Manufacturer Interest Rates Explained

I talk about interest rates on a daily basis and sometimes take for granted that everyone knows the ins and outs of Interest Rates, but I believe it deserves some discussion.

The first Interest Rate that I will discuss is Incentivize Interest Rates from Manufacturers. This is where the manufacturer gives you an Incentive to choose the Interest Rate while giving up something, usually a Rebate. For Instance, On GMC Sierra Trucks on this date has a $5000 Rebate with no other Incentives except for Employee Pricing. Now, you can take a 2.9% Incentivize Interest Rate, but you must give up $2000 of your Rebate. So, you can get 2.9% and $3000 Rebate and Employee Pricing or you can get the best Interest Rate that your credit will allow and $5000 Rebate and Employee Pricing. I know, it sounds complicated and it is no telling what they pay the person who designs these programs! Many ask, why can it not be a certain Interest Rate across the board on every vehicle on the lot? That is a good question, but you have to look at supplies on the ground, supplies at the factory, parts that are ready for assembly, supply chains, contracts with suppliers, and a huge range of other factors. It has to be a major task to determine what car, truck, or SUV must move this week compared to next week and so on. There are millions of dollars at stake to make sure all facets of the supply chain flow at the right times that are controlled by supply and demand.

Interest Rates are a big determining factor that will push a person to buy. When you go to the dealership and the salesman does not know the Interest Rates right now, do not think he or she is stupid. It is so complicated and there are so many different ways to figure your car loan that you must put in the VIN to the vehicle you wish to buy to make sure what Interest Rates and Rebates and Combo Deals are available on your selected vehicle. You would be surprised at the number of options you have and then Bonus Cash is thrown in during a promotion, not to mention Conquest, Owner Loyalty, etc. The best way to determine is to pick your vehicle of choice and let your dealer do a Vehicle Incentive Look up. If you have GM Points on a credit card make sure they are allowable on your vehicle of choice as well.

Incentivize Interest Rates are also available on select Certified Used Vehicles as well. With Certified Used Interest Rates, you do not lose anything accept the ability to go extended terms. Most Interest Rates on Used Vehicles is for 60 months maximum. There are times when you get a lower rate for going a shorter period of time.

The best way to make sure you are getting the best deal is to figure using the Incentivize Interest Rate or Low Rate giving up some Rebate and then check to see what Interest Rate you would receive based on your credit and keeping the entire rebate. Now, something I always stress to customers. If you trade often, like every 2 years or sooner, ALWAYS take the Rebate. Here is why. Even if you pay a little higher payment, you will be starting out with a lower financed balance. The $2000 extra rebate you get on the Sierra will be that much less that you owe in 2 years when you go to trade. The Interest Rate will be pro-rated and the unused portion will be deducted at time of trade in anyway. If you plan to keep the vehicle the full term of 60 months, check and see which is the lower payment. Of course, the lower the payment, the lower amount you will pay back in the end.

Any Interest Rate Questions, feel free to leave a comment under this post and I or my readers will explain further.

Once Again... with the cover of the New Yorker, conservatives miss the point. (It was a shitty skit to begin with.)

Meanwhile, everyone's missing the real crime:

Sarah Palin hates polar bears...

Meanwhile, Knut's trainer is found dead.


Couch Art Car - 0 to Lazy in no time

Have you ever wanted to achieve a faster state of laziness, but the couch you currently have just doesn't cut it any more? What you need is a motorized couch that will enable you reach laziness at a higher rate than ever before. It will do "busy to lazy" in no time at all. Just make sure you have your favorite beverage and the remote control has fresh batteries and your only job is to choose from a variety of different models.

1) The Super Duper

via ebaumsworld

2) The Speedster

by sk8mama

4) The Cross Country Cruiser

5) The Drive Through

6) The "Yes Dear"

From Boilerbots

7) The London Commuter

via picasaweb

8) The Disco Fever

by Josh Halley

9) The Granny

by r0wb0t

10) The Euro Executive

by GResmer

11) The Old Timer

by Somerslea

12) The Bachelor (still living in his parents basement)

by physis3141

13 The Lawrence of Arabia

by neilcrocodile

Really Realy Really Big Fin Art Car

I don't know what on earth this is, but this really really really big huge mother ship connection single biggest fin I have ever seen on a car is........AWESOME!!!!!!! If I had this car I would drive it every day and sometimes twice a day just to freak people out. My daughter S. says it looks like the wall of death. I anyone knows anything about this car please let me know I would love to give credit to the artist that created this work art.

Used Car Prices

Used Car Prices are determined by several factors including demand, resale value, rebates on new cars, cost of ownership, and more factors that I will cover more extensively. Used Car Prices is a topic that many people do not understand. They say to me all the time, it cost me $30,000 new so it should still be worth a good bit. But, you have to look at more factors to determine Used Car Prices.

#1 factor to determine Used Car Prices:
You have to look at what you can buy the car for new. When looking at the new price, you can not look at MSRP, you have to look at cost minus any rebates or incentives. For instance, a 2007 Chevy Silverado with 23,000 miles that cost $32,000 when it was purchased new. Now, you have to look at what you can buy that truck for now new. To determine Used Car Prices, you have to look at the alternative to buying new. Guess what, now the 2008 Chevy Silverado has $5000 rebate plus Employee Pricing. So, the same $32,000 vehicle can be purchased for approx. $22,000 brand new. Now, you have to go back from there to determine what the Used Car Price should be. You do not want to pay the same for a brand new and a year old used truck with 23,000 miles. This takes us to point #2.

#2 factor to determine Used Car Prices:
Lets say we trade for this year old truck. The next question is how much are we going to have to spend to get this truck Front Line Ready to sell. We must Certify this truck to give it a fighting chance to sell and that means checking it from top to bottom. When this truck is Certified you have to look at tires, windshield, oil change, tire rotation if not new tires, detail, scratch removal, brakes, etc. The list goes on and on. You can easily spend $800-$1200 getting the truck ready for sale. Remember, when selling your own vehicle, you are not able to offer certified. This eases customers minds because it adds to the warranty and gets a better Used Car Finance Rate.

#3 factor to determine Used Car Prices:
You definitely have to look at the demand for the vehicle to determine Used Car Prices. If it is a vehicle that is hard to sell new, it will be a vehicle that is hard to sell used regardless of prices.

#4 factor to determine Used Car Prices:
I am going to lump several in together because I believe they are similar. You have to look at the Mileage, Condition, and Options. The mileage is a big factor to determine Used Car Prices. If you have a car with over 40,000 miles, it better be Priced Right! You have to take into account the condition of the Used Car. Has it been smoked in? Is there wear on the seats? Scratches that wont come out? Etc. These are all factors that will lower Used Car Prices. Also, you have to look at the options on the Used Car. If it is a used car with a manual transmission, this is a big hit on price. Does it have roll up windows? Does it have a CD Player? Etc. Options on the Used Car is a huge factor.

#5 factor to determine Used Car Prices:
After all is said and done, Book Value is probably one of the biggest factors to determine Used Car Prices. Many use NADA and some use Kelly Blue Book or even Black Book which is used by car dealers and some banks. The biggest factor used to determine book price is the demand for the vehicle. They take new car sales and used car sales to figure how many people are buying the specific vehicle. If it is a car that is in high demand, it will fetch a higher book price. This is also how banks figure how much they will loan on the used car. The bank takes the Used Car Prices and figures how much they will loan whether it be loan value or retail value and much of this is determined from the customers credit which is a topic for another day.

All in all, you can see how much goes into calculating Used Car Prices. Much of it is subjective, but much of it is objective. Using the example above of the Chevy Silverado you have to go back from the $22000 cost of the vehicle. You deduct another $2000 (Approx.) for the miles on the truck. You figure another $1000 to get the truck ready for sale or to certify. You take another $4000 off for dealer profit and room to negotiate. You come up with approx. $15000 trade in and approx. $19,000 Retail. Used Car Prices are always misunderstood. I can see why, because if you tell me the truck I purchased 1 year ago is worth half as much as when I purchased it, I am not going to understand either!

Check out the Festival of Frugality Blog!

Thursday Hate - "The Rules"

Yeah, "The Rules."


I have a problem with just one rule:

What is with the orthodoxy that the man must both lift the lid to piss, and put it back down when he's done?

But she isn't expected to lift it when she's done? Why is she so pissed when she goes to pee and sits on the rim? I'm somehow responsible for her not looking where she's sitting and getting the shock of cold porcelain on her delicate backside?

Where did this iniquity come from? What is the basis of its origin?

You'd think she'd just be happy enough with me putting the rim up in the first place so she - if she's not looking - only gets cold porcelain and not warm piss.

Help me out here.

15 Creative Uses for Duct Tape - Duct Tape Art Car and Beyond!

1) Designer Man Purse
Duct tape is amazing product, and just like The Force it has a dark side and light side and binds the universe together. In this entry I go beyond just another car covered in duct tape, so I found a million other uses for duct tape and decided to feature the top 15 creative uses out there.
2) Hair Club for Cheap Men

3) U-Save Packing Moving Company

4) College Couch Covers

5) Auto Body Work for The Busy Executive

6) Sexy Lingerie

7) Power Surge Protection

8) Aerodynamic Racing Stripes

9) Superhero Outfit

10) Efficient Office Space

11) Wall Angel Art

12) Baby Sitting

13) Bike Lock

14) Old Fashioned Prom Outfit

15) Sweat Suit

Music Education Night: Symphonie Fantastique

As always...for Katy.

One of the most influential composers upon modern program music - otherwise known as "classical soundtracks" in it's most popular form - was Hector Berlioz (1803-69). He is most well known for the piece I will write about tonight, Symphonie Fantastique (1830). It is so famous, that even if you don't know it by name, you almost certainly will recognize at least part its very memorable melodies and romping bombast.

When it was contemporary, however, Symphonie Fantastique was infamous, and it composer was regarded at best as eccentric and at worst nearly insane. Berlioz was known for adding the most unorthodox instruments to the orchestra, for writing ensembles into existence too big for all but the largest halls, and as a massive egoist in love with his larger than life compositions. But Berlioz's legacy is an important one, just as great and perhaps longer lasting than that of even Beethoven or Mozart - not only did he play a major part in expanding the symphony orchestra as the ensemble we know today, but his ideas continue to shape popular classical music composition even today, music that is meant to tell a visual story as much as an aural one.

Symphonie Fantastique is a love story, written about and for a contemporary Shakespearan actress of the day named Harriet Smithson. Berlioz had fallen in love with her, more like an obsession actually, and composed the piece as an outlet for the frustration of his unanswered love letters. The piece was published with program notes to be read by the audience members at the performance. The music introduces the love interest as the main melodic idea, and then transforms it thematically throughout the entire piece.

Smithson and Berlioz did not actually meet until after she finally heard the piece in 1832 - when she realized she was the genesis. They were married shortly after, but divorced after 9 years.

The recording that I have supplied is actually not the definitive performance, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Daniel Baremboim, 1994. I recommend Chicago Symphony under Solti, 1972. A much more dynamic and passionate performance, with highly superior strings. Sorry for not providing this, but I only have it on LP. I myself performed this piece, on tuba with the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra in 1995 with my good friend Wade Rackley, also on tuba.

Reveries - Passions
The theme - idee fixe - is introduced immediately, and the lovelorn composer daydreams and muses about her upon first sight, in a slow and meandering adagio, that is expressed with hopeful and muted joy in the violins and horns, but is undercut with an ominous rumbling in the low strings.

Un Bal

The traditional waltz section - or filling the role of the scherzo that was very common in symphonies - further solidifies the visual nature of the piece. The composer has attended a ball and is surrounded by revelers, dancing bodies and rhythmic music, when suddenly he sees her, and all other sensory input stops as she occupies his complete attention - the flute and clarinet rise out of the strings with the already familiar melody.

Scene aux Champs
Our lovelorn hero is in a pastoral field among the sheep and shepherds - another common setting of the day - and sees his love. He calls out to her but she doesn't respond. He tries and tries to get her attention, but she only ignores, and walks off in the distance, leaving him beyond despondent, and suicidal.

Marche au Supplice
Most famously known as "The March to the Scaffold." Our story quickly takes a turn for the tragic. The hero has tried to kill himself by drinking poison, but only succeeds in putting himself into a deep sleep. He dreams that he has killed his love and has been sentenced to the guillotine. He marches along a parade route through screaming throngs of blood thirsty citizens, their voices rising up to life in the low brass. He walks solemnly up the steps, lays his head beneath the blade...yet as the steel glints, hovering above his neck, he has one last, beautiful memory of his love before his head goes bouncing into the basket, and the crowd roars it's approval as his blood sprays a gory red, catching the glaring sunlight.

Songe d'une Nuit du Sabbat
The rollicking finale that truly earned Berlioz his reputation, "The Dream of The Witch's Sabbath" takes us to Hell, where our man's love has transformed into a twisted demon, deformed into a playful, yet unsettling and grotesque version of the original melody, as first played very noticeably by the clarinet. Very importantly, listen to the sinister melody of the Dies Irae. With it, she rouses the witches, monsters, and skeletons (listen to the strings being played on the back of their bows for the creepy effect - a friend said it always reminded him of a swarm of cockroaches) to a wild and cavorting dance of carnal lust that finally collapses in a heap of exhaustion under its cacophonous weight.

Repairing Damaged And Abused Wheels

Repairing Damaged and Abused Wheels
By Jared Lebrow

It's happened to all of us at one time or another. Maybe you weren't paying attention, but the next thing you know you brushed up against the curb and ruined the powder coating or polished lip, or even bent the rim on a pothole. Custom wheels aren't cheap to just be buying anytime they get a small ding or nick, so why not contact some of the wheel repair experts in your local area to repair the powder coating or possibly remove the bends from the lip. Maybe you haven't actually damaged the wheel, but finding somebody powder coating wheels can completely change the style of your car for the better. All it takes is a little color and some creative ideas to give your vehicle an entirely new look, for a fraction of what new custom rims would cost.

Practically any damage to a wheel can be fixed. Dings can be pushed back out and trued, the powder coating can be stripped clean and reapplied, or gouge marks from a curb can be repaired and re powder coated or painted. To begin repairing the powder coating on your rims or just the structure of the wheel in general will be to look in the local phone book. Many companies, like Wheel Refinishers are available to handle any repairs you may have in your area.

With various tools available to them, these companies can use a specially formulated metal filler (similar to bondo but for alloys) to repair gouges and scratches. They will then re-balance the wheel to make sure it is true and round, and then re-spray the powder coat finish or solvent based coating. Many also offer polishing services as well too, so that those boring, dull factory rims can have new life breathed into them.

As stated before, even if you haven't damaged the rim, many of these companies offer custom powder coating services. With all the repairs they're doing, you can rest assured they are very experienced in powder coating and will give you professional and unique results easily and timely. With prices ranging from $40-$100 for powder coating wheels, it is easy to see the savings compared to $800+ for a new set of wheels. And also, since you had custom powder coating done compared to an off-the-shelf standard rim, you will always stand out in a crowd since you have the opportunity to be unique.

The author provides more information on powder coating wheels and custom powder coating services, as well as powder coating equipment and more at his site

Funny Road Sign

Here I am at Wits End! ;-)
Originally uploaded by cyberpenguin

Have you ever been to "Wits End" and Mexico Road. I can hear someone giving directions to their home. "Yes, turn on Mexico road and go to your "Wits End."

Wits End Funny Road Sign
Mountain Lion Funny Road Sign
You Will Never Get To Work On Time Road Sign
Stupid Road Sign
Funny Message Road Sign
Devil Professor Road Sign?

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Buick Invicta Concept; Replacing LaCrosse Reality!

The Buick Invicta Concept will be replacing the Buick LaCrosse in 2009 probably arriving mid-2009. This was a design venture from North America and China that debuted at the Olympic Games in china. Most of the design was done using Virtual Technology Between US and China with both teams weighing in on overall design, colors, and style.

There will be very few changes from the Concept so I am told. The design cues have been taken from the Buick Riviera Concept. I was told the major difference from the concept to production is the addition of door handles. The interior is sleek and truely looks like a luxury car. I cant wait until the Buick Invicta hits the showroom!

Check out the video below from the design team that was responsible for the heavy task of designing the Buick Invicta in a very short period of time.

Mountain Lion Safety Road Sign

Mountain Lion Safety
Originally uploaded by ekai

This is a crazy road sign, I dont know if I would say funny road sign. "If you encounter a mountain lion". "Face Lion, back away slowly". "Keep children close pick up children without bending". "Be Large, Shout" and the last tip, "If Attacked, Fight Back!"

I have better tips for Mountain Lions and I believe someone has changed this sign. I think it should read "If you encounter a Mountain Lion it should be behind bars." If Mountain Lion is not behind bars, pinch yourself to make sure you are not having a nightmare! "If you are not having a nightmare, just remember, you can buy new underwear!" Next, in a calm voice say, "here kitty kitty." When he looks the other way, grab kids in swoop and run your behind off! "If attacked, kick him in the nuts!!!"

Wits End Funny Road Sign
Mountain Lion Funny Road Sign
You Will Never Get To Work On Time Road Sign
Stupid Road Sign
Funny Message Road Sign
Devil Professor Road Sign?

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Mexican Joke
Transmission Joke
Car Salesman; Day In The Life!

Much Ado About Palin

Sarah Palin's interview on ABC with Charles Gibson has been generating a lot of huffing and puffing, and hemming and hawing from the Left and the Right this week.

On one side, Obama supporters are calling out that it displays Palin's obvious lack of knowledge and critical thinking on the National Security Issue, while the Republicans are calling the entire interview a snowjob and another typical display of the elitist mainstream media's liberal bias while being ignorant of the real issues itself.
It is embarrassing to have to spell this out, but for the record let me explain why Gov. Palin's answer to the "Bush Doctrine" question -- the only part of the recent interview I have yet seen over here in China -- implies a disqualifying lack of preparation for the job...
...wrote James Fallow on September 12th. He compared her to a non-sports-fan being asked a question about Brett Farve's new chances with his new team. That she lacked a "disturbing" amount of curiosity about the issue - it went beyond knowledge.

Charles Krauthhammer rails against Gibson, unsurprisingly, in this morning's Washington Post:
And at least she didn't pretend to know -- while he looked down his nose and over his glasses with weary disdain, sighing and "sounding like an impatient teacher," as the Times noted. In doing so, he captured perfectly the establishment snobbery and intellectual condescension that has characterized the chattering classes' reaction to the mother of five who presumes to play on their stage.

What I mean is, who was surprised by Sarah Palin's performance on ABC? And who would expect anything less from either side in their dissection of Palin? Democrats are going to paint her in the worst light possible while Republicans continue their slavish devotion to a choice they know is flawed and gimmicky. But no amount of arguing is going to change anyone's mind.

Yes, to anyone who is paying attention - and Republicans, stop deluding yourselves - Palin is an obviously under-qualified candidate who, according to Vegas oddsmakers, has a 1 in 3 chance of ascending to the White House before the end of McCains first term, should he be elected.

Yet, let's face it, the position itself traditionally has no significance at all beyond balancing out each respective nominee's shortcomings. Michael Dukakis needed a southerner. Reagan, Clinton, and George W. Bush all needed career insiders. So does Barack Obama. McCain is the career insider himself who needs shoring up on many issues that Republicans question him on - or to just distract from them all together.

Krauthhammer says Gibson doesn't understand what the Bush Doctrine is, either. That much is true, and Fallow certainly glossed over that fact. Yet, when Krauthhammer quotes Palin: "In what respect?" he paints a false picture of Palin's mindset. She certainly did have not a clue as to what Gibson was talking about. His implication that she was confused over which definition he was getting at is ludicrous. Nobody but Krauthammer would have been. Palin was just lost.

Most people haven't seen the interview for themselves and rely only on these biased interpretations of it to formulate a position on her appearance. Palin certainly didn't stumble over her words - she just repeated what she'd been coached to say. Gibson certainly didn't look down at her or sigh exasperatedly as a teacher would a student.

What was missed by both sides is that she didn't once utter an original thought during the entire process. And this should say much less about her than the people that picked her as McCain's running mate. And even worse is that kid gloves are even now being used on her, even in Gibson's interview, for fear of igniting an already smoldering backlash against women swing voters. Sarah Palin absolutely cannot hold her own and any hard questions would be beating up on her. Imagine the questions Hillary Clinton would be getting right now. And ost in all of this was Barack Obama's appearance on The O'Reilly Factor last week. O'Reilly grilled his ass relentlessly, and yet Obama still came out pretty OK. He has just as little experience yet he still gets hard questions.

However, on either side, all this talk about National Security still ends at dealing with Terrorism from a strictly reactionary point of view. Based on what the election donors are after, it's no wonder no one has anything original to say. Neither side are seriously addressing the affects of our global projection of power, both on our relationships abroad, and the drain and stress it's causing here at home. Education priorities are at rock bottom, our middle class is disappearing, there is a looming transportation crisis that everyone is ignoring, not to mention a growing religious-cultural gap that could break out into all out civil war within our own lifetime.

In all these interviews it's still black and white, easily digestible discussion and answers, and a complete avoidance of a real stand and hard, honest choices.

It's going to be very hard to even cast a vote this year. Sometimes I wonder if it's just high time we let the whole goddamn rotten structure just fall in upon itself, clean up, and start over.

Cheaper Than Gas!

Originally uploaded by Jey-Heich

In the eye of Hurricane IKE, gas prices in Memphis have risen to $4.00 per gallon. If this keeps going everyone will be riding bikes to work.

It seems crazy that oil prices fell below $100 per barrel today, but because the hurricane has shut down some refinery's, gas has risen so drastically. I believe there is some gouging going on.

It is truely time to explore alternative sources of energy and fuel. Hydrogen, bio-Fuel, Ethanol, Hybrid or a combination of all! I will be the first to tell you that profit is not a dirty word, but the money made from oil is Sick Money! Money that is incomprehensible.

The Hidden Side of Chicago's Bike Routes: The Graveyards of Clark Street

Across the street from Rainbo Gardens is St. Boniface Cemetery, a silent sentinel to all of its tumultuous changes since 1863 - originally far north of city limits. I can attest that a walk through it at midnight is enlightening to your sense of the breadth of Chicago's history. The 12 foot high brick walls can be a challenge to get over, but alcohol does help.

Pedal a half-mile down to Montrose and you will find the much more famous Graceland Cemetery, dedicated in 1860. The bodies of the original cemetery were moved from the earlier location along the lakefront in Lincoln Park, near where the Chicago Historical Society now stands. As the city grew more crowded, concerns of water-bourne diseases such as colera grew with it, and the cemetery was deemed a health hazard.

Graceland easily has more that its fair share of famous Chicagoans intered there, including Marshall Field, Tribune owner Col. Cyrus McCormick, and architects Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Louis Sullivan, and Daniel Burnham, not mention George Pullman (right).

Across the street from Graceland's south end at Irving Park is Wunder's Cemetery, a much smaller Protestant burial ground. Even older than it's compatriots, Wunder's was founded in 1859; it's most striking feature is the caretaker's house at the corner of Irving Park and Clark Street. It is seperated from Jewish Graceland Cemetery by a chain link fence, just to the south.

Thursday (not so) Hate

Pieter Ombregt (left) died a year ago today, racing his bike. I hate that every time I hear the word, "Matteson," I am reminded of that day. I hate that every time I pass an unpadded obstacle along a race course, I am reminded of the way he died. I hate that everytime I stand, squinting into a fall's golden sunset with a strong breeze in my hair, I see Peter riding off the front and disappearing in the glare.

I hate the fact that I barely had a chance to really be a truly innocent participant in this sport before being initiated to the brutally frank fact that we risk it all for a very personal, irrelevant thrill.

But having known Pieter, for as brief a time as I did, showed me that we risk it all by walking out the door every morning, or with even less daring. And that any thrill can indeed be very personal, and therefore certainly relevant; when the alternative is getting lost amid the thrills which mean nothing to anyone else, least of all you. Whatever universe you choose to frame your life with, it's always a big place. And taking a risk, any risk at all, gives you cause and a reason to stand up and shout, to anyone who cares...

"I DID THAT!" or lose. It matters that you did it. Pieter rode every race like it was his last. He taught me, along with that lesson that reality is always nearby, that it's worth almost anything to get as far from it as you can, if only for a couple of hours.

Pieter, most certainly, did that.

Dr Seuss Fire Truck - Art Car for Sale

This Dr. Seuss Fire truck was for sale on ebay so I hope there is someone out there driving this really cool and fun art car.If you are the new owner, we would love to hear from you.


As you know, I had a court date today to testify against a road-rager I had a run-in with last month on my way home from work. Since the entire exchange was between the two of us - the police didn't see it, and therefore could only issue him a 3 foot violation - I would need to testify should this guy decide to plead not guilty.

I left work at noon today and rode over; door to door it took me about 25 minutes to get from Milwaukee and Sanders to Harms and Old Orchard. The security guard wasn't going to let me take my bag into the courthouse, so I had to put my work clothes back on over my kit, before going through the metal detector. Then, on the plus side, I'd be able to take them off, Superman-style, before jumping back on the bike!

It was a typical traffic court hearing, the majority of folks there to either pick up their licenses that had been held as bond, or to plead guilty. Cases from all over the North Shore: Glenview, Rolling Meadows, Northbrook, Skokie. Only two defendants plead not guilty, including my man, and a trial was held right there, on the spot.

The case before mine was an auto accident between two old men who both looked too palsied to be even driving. The defendant was turning left out of the northbound lane into a Dominick's grocery store at Glenview and plowed into the other guy who was turning right. Guilty.

I was then called up before the Man, along with Mr. Road Rager, and swore to tell the truth. I gave my side of the story to the prosecutor, up to when we walked into the Glenview Police Station at the corner of Lake and Shermer, and then Mr. Rager began, babbling, and seemingly threatened to go on until he was interrupted.

It was more of the same in his terrible English: "I horned him because he riding at rush hour! I ride bike! But not stupi' 'nough do that! Cars in left lane!" During his testimony, the officer who'd issued the ticket - the one who'd originally told him if he didn't shut up, he'd be arrested - whispered into the prosecutor's ear - I think I heard the word, "beligerent."

Suddenly however, I was shocked to hear the judge agree with the defendant - and began taking the discussion to the bad area that I should've been to the right of the white line on the shoulder. I paused to make sure I wasn't going to interrupt him, and added, "of course I was to the left of the white line, the shoulder is filled with rocks and glass and other debris." I was getting a pained look on my face and wanted to scream out, "Jesus - I wouldn't have even gotten him into the police station if that motherfucker hadn't stopped in the middle of the road to impede my progress! That counts for nothing?!" Except the judge only had the citation to go on and the officer didn't witness anything. It was then that the prosecutor sealed the deal:

"Your honor. The issue here isn't where Mr. Morrissey was permitted to ride his bicycle. I know this as I ride a bike to work as well, and I make sure I am aware of the laws. The law states that the cyclist can ride in the roadway and should stay as far to the right as is safe. The issue is that [the defendant] can't violate the right of way, or threaten the well being of a cyclist just because he is in the way. That is what the 3 foot passing ordinance was established for. [The defendant], rather than honking at him and passing dangerously close, should have slowed and yielded the right of way until it was safe to pass the cyclist - just as would be expected upon encountering any other other slower vehicle."

The judge just looked at him for a second and then said, "One hundred thirty dollars and supervision."

And there it was. Justice meted out, completely blind.

I could offer much commentary, as you are well aware, on people's selfish attitudes behind the wheel, and how a little horsepower between their legs will make anyone feel they are entitled to anything. But I'll just say this: cars don't kill people, people kill people. But a 3,000 pound vehicle makes it a hell of a lot easier.

While it is no excuse to pawn your own responsibility off on your car - it has a brake pedal and a steering wheel and it doesn't move itself - it does carry a hell of a lot more liability and therefore responsibility. It is just as dangerous as a gun. And I recognize that both are necessary evils. And that is what the laws are there for - to protect all of us from each other and ourselves.

I actually did feel a bit like Superman as took my street clothes back off...

...keeping up with the fight for your right...

Basic Transportation Car Blog goes Video - with Alex's Carmageddon and L.A. MPG

Writing's dead, when you think about it. So, check out Basic Transportation's latest online-sibling!

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Katy gave me the OK to add the Caber Toss to my offseason cross-training routine, as long as I agreed to not wear any underwear my kilt.


The most dangerous part of my commute today was not the Milwaukee Elston interchange south of Devon. It was when the dude in the Honda Odyssey yapping on his cell phone blew a stop sign at 25 my office parking lot. If you know where I work this oughta make you sick.


That reminds me: my court date stemming from my chance encounter with Mr. Road Rage is tomorrow. 1:30 at the Skokie Court House, on Old Orchard, just east of Harms. It's a 3 Foot Rule ticket, but I'm hoping his argumentativeness pushes His Honor to charge him with more.


The middle of a bike path is not the best place for an occupied baby-stroller while you talk with a friend more than 20 feet away.


That reminds me: is it just the fact that I am riding the North Branch Trail a lot more these days - twice a week - that I am seeing what seems like 500% more deer, or are there really a lot more deer?


That reminds me: what is the story behind the green cherry tomato included with every Superdawg?


I guess I'm getting rid of more Today is the last day I will ever ride my old vintage steel...I heard a clicking noise coming from the headset. At a stoplight I looked down and the long crack that's opened up over the joint between the head- and top-tubes. My red and blue Cilo with the Stars & Stripes bar tape. Captain America.

You did well, Sir.

GM Bonus Cash For Leased Vehicles; BIG CASH!!!

There are BIG CASH Bonuses for buyers who are now leasing their vehicles. Leased Cars that are GM and Leased Cars that are non-GM. If you have a lease ending before 1-3-09 you qualify for this extra Bonus Cash. Some of the Bonus Cash Values are below:

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These are just a few of the Bonus Cash options for those with leases ending before January 3rd. 2009. This money can be used at any financial institution--does not have to be GMAC! It can also be used for another lease or purchase and your Lease does not have to be a GM!!!

You can be leasing a Toyota, Leasing a Honda, Leasing a Dodge, Leasing a Ford, Leasing a Chrysler, or leasing whatever! You can get this bonus cash on any lease as long as your lease is due up before Jan. 3rd.

GM Lease Benefits
Do You Qualify For 0% Financing?

Duke - Art Car with 23 Steamer Trunks piled on top!!!

Duke is a salvaged 79 Ford Granada created by maverick, artist, writer, poet and blogger Rick McKinney a.k.a "Gonzo". Its covered 23 steamer trunks, 3 TVs, 2 typewriters, a train set, bones, beads, a brass ships portals and basically a ton of stuff in addition to all this. Rick says on his postcard that "Duke is a rolling museum, a monument, the Holy Grail of the American Road". Nice work and sorry about the coffee stains on your scanned postcard you signed for me at the last Art Car Fest we met.

Duke Art Car by Rick McKinney
Duke Art Car by Rick McKinney
Inside Duke Art Car by Rick McKinney
Inside Duke Art Car by Rick McKinney
Duke Art Car Video by Rick McKinney


I returned to the corn fields of Utica, IL on Sunday with a new team and new expectations.

Saddled with an almost unbearable load of lack of confidence, I competed in the American Bicycle Racing 4-Man Team Trial last year in what was easily the hardest 90 minutes of my entire life. Blowing up at the start, I dug deeper than ever with teammates who refused to give up on me, and recovered to help bring the remaining three of us home with a respectable time.

Now I have a full season of coached training in my legs, and I have certainly proven my physical mettle this year, if not my mental. I've really been ramping up on the interval sessions these last three weeks, and I was confident I would be strong from the get-go. We'd had two practice sessions, once with all four of us, and going in we all knew technique and fluidity would be our biggest enemy.

The course had been shorted to about 30 miles just minutes before the scheduled start, due to lack of marshals and some gravel at the end of the planned 60K lollipop loop. We had to discuss a bit of tactics about how to deal with the wind: it would be tempting to really hammer it with the strong breeze behind us going out; we would need to temper our effort in order to save some gas for the crosswinds and the return which would take into the teeth of it for 5 miles to the line.

And it was tough to lay off. Without that much effort, past 29 mph we went onto an average speed of 31 for the first leg. At the right turn, we immediately had our first gap. Peter was back on the bike after having spent most of the summer recovering from a broken collar bone suffered after losing a wheel in a 180 degree turn. Also, as a dedicated TT-er, he is not as comfortable in packs as the three us are, to begin with. So being skittish (and we've all been there), he wasn't comfortable staying on his wheel.

But, being such a strong rider, he was in it until well past the turn around, even with all the wind he was constantly pushing. Although shortly after, he began missing the wheel worse and worse after pulls, and finally, when I had to move in ahead of him and burn it to catch the unexpectedly open second wheel that materialized after I pulled off, we made the decision to move on and keep pace without him.

Back into the crosswind was the last time I saw Peter until the finish. My strength began to become erratic; on some pulls I could stay out for a long time, others I could feel the red line approaching alarmingly fast. I was eating a lot more wind than the rest, going cave-man style. No aero-anything. With the late announcement of the event, I hadn't set up my bike, and didn't want to ride in a new position for a such a physical event at the last minute. And I guess pride got the better of me.

Over the last half, Jeff was a mean dog who'd broken his chain, inspired by a frightened mailman... 140 pounds of anger working over his compact crank like a crazed metalworker on monster, never-ending pulls. I had to call him off several times to save it for the head wind on the final leg. Jeremy was as dependable and solid as you'd expect for a triathlete who'd qualified for Nationals. His speed never wavered once on pulls that were as measured as a yard stick.

All of us barked orders and all of jumped without asking how high. The intensity burned and smoked, and after our final right turn into the headwind, the kindling burst into flames. The wind slowed us but we just worked harder. It was good we'd saved it because now we needed it.

It was swirling left and right. Just after we'd pull off into it, the direction would shift again. As the pain turned to agony over the last 3 miles , it was hard for any of us to stay on the wheel, let alone try to have to the mental capacity to find the sweet spot. Several times I thought I saw the finish line tent but it was only a mirage. Through the cloudy haze of pain I held just a little bit back, keeping that last little bit close until Jeff let loose with one last blast of rage and it was afterburner time.

We crossed the line in just under an hour and 12 minutes, and a 26.3 mile an hour average.

This event is always my favorite because it crystallizes all we've worked for over the course of the season and gives a chance to lay it down with teammates I've ridden with since snowy days before leaving for California.

Next year I want this team back. Peter just needs a bit more confidence with group riding, and if he still needs work, then we'll just send him out to pull us for the first half of the race.

Along with the apparent shift in the chilly air outside, it's transition time for me. Up ahead lies camping trips, visits with friends and family, and no cyclo-cross. Sorry, no offense. I owe it to Katy. She's come out and beat the cowbell at so many races this summer, I've got a lot to give back.

That's not to say I won't be headed to Montrose Harbor, with a flask in my pocket, for some snowball practice this winter.

LED Car Tail Lights - Why Are They So Popular?

LED Car Tail Lights - Why Are They So Popular?

Author: Matthew A. Barr

We live in highly industrialized world today. Our cities, and even the towns, are equipped with too much lighting system that you sometimes wonder where those lights came from. Well, most of the lights you see (especially the ones at night) come from your vehicles. Because automobiles are a common ride today, it is never a wonder why our roads are full of lights these days.

When you view cars at night, you can compare their lighting systems; you can tell whether they are weak or they have just been replaced with batteries. More specifically, you will know if the bulbs mounted on the rear of their rides are LED car tail lights or not.

So how do you know if the ones mounted on a particular vehicle are LED car tail lights? Well, that is just very easy. If you see lights which have very high beams and if you see them with a very bright glow that only means that the light you're looking at are the LED car tail lights.

The Popularity Of The LED Car Tail Lights
Why are LED lights popular among cars? The answer lies on the three most beneficial features of LED car tail lights - the quality, durability, and the affordability. These three features are arguably the marks of great lighting system. They are so to speak the soul of any product out there in the market. Because all three important light characteristics are already found in one lighting system, more people deem it convenient to buy this type of light.

First, let us know about the quality of these LED lights. The Light Emitting Diodes is a property which is made from the earthly elements of aluminum and silicon. Because they are all natural, you can only expect the quality to have higher standards.

Next, let us try to review a LED light's durability. Most of the LED light users say that this type of bulb lasts for more than five years. Compared to the olden halogen bulbs, these LED lights are by far, the "longest living" lights. Because they do not heat up that much, the glass surrounding the bulbs do not get easily destroyed or mottled.

Lastly, let us try to know how much affordable the LED car tail lights can be. Most of these lights have the same prices as the halogen bulbs. Of course, everything depends on the brand and quality of the lights. The price also depends on where you get these lights from. If you purchase them over local stores or warehouses, then you can expect the light rates to be a little less costly; but if you purchase them over big city stores, then you can anticipate for the costs to go up.

LED Tail Lights And Their Beam
People have noticed that with their usual bulbs, the lighting system seems to reflect low beams especially at night. So to attend to customer needs, the LED lights have been made. Because of this type of light, road hazards are considerably decreased and mitigated while road visibility is increased.

The LED light's high beam offers more illumination during the night and even the day. Because the bulbs emit powerful light beams, the front and back pathways of your vehicles are also lighted up. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. Moreover, the LED light's illumination capacity can even reach up to the peripheral sides of the road, thereby causing more glow of light to be reflected on dark roads.

The Safety Of LED Car Tail Lights Earns Popularity
Almost all lighting systems mounted on cars are safe to use. However, you need to be extra careful when changing the lights. Because everything is generated from the car's power, that can only mean that electricity is present in the wirings and bulbs of the light.

So when you try to replace your old tail lights, you need to kill the power first before holding them. Moreover, you need to wear rubber gloves to shield you from the electric current that's present in lights. If you do all precautionary measures, then changing the lights would not be a dangerous task for you.

Article Source:
About the Author:
Matthew Barr is a successful webmaster of He provides more information on altezza tail lights online, aftermarket automotive lighting, led signal mirrors, headlights, 3rd brake lights, car LED tail lights and anything you can imagine to add custom lighting to your vehicle is available on his website.

Art Car Covered in Tires - Tirezilla

The Tirezilla Art Car was the Peoples Choice winner at this years Omaha, Nebraska Art Car Show. It was made by an art class at The University of Kansas in Lawrence and completely covered with tires. Its has a very "Mad Max" "end of the world" feel to it and it's a car you definitely dont want to cut off in traffic, you never know what will pop out and get you. Nice work, Mel Gibson would be proud to drive this baby around town.

Omaha Art Car Show 2008

This video of the Omaha Art Car Show 2008 was taken by Dave from Kansas City and creator of Aerocar. There are definitely some weird and strange art cars including this years peoples choice winner called Tirezella, thanks Dave.

You'll Never Get To Work On Time HAHA!!

you'll never get to work...
Originally uploaded by dururuni

I think I would run over this sign or turn around and go home. They should make this the standard message for all road work areas.

Wits End Funny Road Sign
Mountain Lion Funny Road Sign
You Will Never Get To Work On Time Road Sign
Stupid Road Sign
Funny Message Road Sign
Devil Professor Road Sign?

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Stupid Signs

Stupid signs
Originally uploaded by Music4mix

I didn't say Simon Says!

Wits End Funny Road Sign
Mountain Lion Funny Road Sign
You Will Never Get To Work On Time Road Sign
Stupid Road Sign
Funny Message Road Sign
Devil Professor Road Sign?

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Funny Road Signs!

Quit Stealing our Letters
Originally uploaded by steviebreech

You may have to study this one a little to tell what it says. It says "Quit Stealing Our Letters."

Wits End Funny Road Sign
Mountain Lion Funny Road Sign
You Will Never Get To Work On Time Road Sign
Stupid Road Sign
Funny Message Road Sign
Devil Professor Road Sign?

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Thursday Hate - Experience


That's the buzzword of this presidential contest. It has been from the beginning. It was first thrown around by Hillary Clinton in the direction of Barak Obama; then when the voters saw through her fake smiles and sense of entitlement, the supporters of John McCain took up the charge. But when McCain chose little known – and just as inexperienced – Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, everyone seemed to hold their breath while they waited to see who would blink first.

The Republicans revealed to the world their true feelings on the matter for just a few seconds before the masks came back on – twisted grimaces of too tight smiles spouting sycophantic support.

Now the argument over experience continues on, ad nauseum, over who has more. Never mind that each ticket is anchored by a senior senator, each with zero executive experience of his own. There's a reason why so many senators have lost the fight for the Oval Office. Their voting record is too easy a trail to track their beliefs and contradictions. It's why Barak Obama is running now, early on in his career. Governors can generally hide their partisanship by sticking to enforcing the law.

Barak Obama seems to think he's the second coming of Christ from Chicago's South Side, while John McCain is desperately trying to validate his life before finally succumbing to skin cancer, and when he does, it just might place the keys to this country into the hands of a book-burning panderer to evangelicals, a Nancy-Come-Lately who nearly fell into her politics career and in the span of less of than 4 years has managed to place herself under investigation from everything improper firings to misappropriation of state funds to redecorate her office.

So where are we? We're left with each side resorting to delivering pre-written, coached speeches filled with hollow punchlines, built to elicit hope-springs-eternal head nods from brainwashed, celebrity-drunk delegates just dead-certain that their candidate will make a difference….and preaching on political shows or shouting and patronizing friends and family (kinda like I'm doing right now), trying to somehow convince the other that their candidate is more qualified to lead an over-the-hill empire that is saddled with a debilitated military, hundreds of billions in bad debt, a rapidly shrinking middle class, and a coming all-out class war, if not straight-up revolution…all in a world where corporations have all the power and their reach of power extends far beyond national borders. Our politicians are at the mercy and the service of CEOs, who laugh at and take advantage of our outdated notions of nationalism and patriotism.

So enough about experience, please. Not one person on the ballot has it. It's about vision and character and the people behind the candidate – most importantly. And because of that, all this campaigning is nothing but entertainment. Vision comes from ideals, and if you haven't made up your mind at this point, you have no ideals. Swing voter my ass. I'd rather have you not vote at all.

Neither side of ballet will get us a real health care plan, or more importantly, make health care more affordable to everyone, and tax plans can be parsed so many different ways as to make them undifferential by time a group of CNN analysts gets through with them. So it comes down to these issues in my opinion:

o Your ideals are either to try to get corporate ambition out of politics, or to accept it and work with it.

o To use the American Military for national defense only, or to unapologetically project it's power to protect national (and corporate) interests worldwide at the expense of an entire generation.

o To try to move society forward to other forms of energy now, or to do the same thing, but not 'til we've extracted every last drop of profit from the ground – if you think off-shore drilling and ANWR are bad, just wait until they start lining up outside our national parks, and they will – and figured out how to get us to pay through the nose for all the new stuff too.

o To defend our right to bear arms outright, or to deal with gun violence more pragmatically (I've never fired a gun in my life – and while I believe the 2nd amendment is a good thing, I don't think there needs to be fully automatic assault rifle in every home).

o To understand that science and learning and great literature advance our society, no matter your personal feelings on its conclusions or content - or to cherry pick, censure, toss-out, and burn that which you deem contrary to your preexisting beliefs. (Of course I am referring to the creationism debate…I have no problem teaching creationism in school - just so long as it's in a philosophy or theology classroom. Politicians are always bemoaning about how we're falling behind in math and science, yet half of them then want to replace science with a theory that's not based on science at all – in any way, shape, or form. How can you teach the principals of the scientific method, and then expect that lesson to hold up to, "Have Faith that God made it." Faith begins where knowledge ends. If you think Darwinism is just as biased, fine, that's your opinion. Offer up a valid scientific alternative, not more faith.)

Generally speaking, Republicans are against legislation dealing with Global Warming, Climate Change, whatever you want to call it. They've been denying it for 20 years, but now that it's obvious, it's just "cycles." What kind of cycles, they can't tell you, but it's definitely "natural." Except somebody forget to tell that John McCain. He's a supporter of real limits on polluters and believes that man-made climate change is real. Yet did he pick a like-minded candidate? Hardly. Palin has sued the U.S. Secretary of the Interior to remove Polar Bears from the endangered species list for using the "faulty science" of global warming to support it.

John McCain is a progressive on many immigration issues, much to the chagrin of the Republican base. Did he pick a like-minded candidate? He picked a running-mate so far removed from the issue she won't even be asked anything about it. So much for many of the constituents of his border state.

John McCain also has a lower rating – a big zero, a donut - from pro-choice groups, lower than G. W. Bush himself. Here finally he seems to have picked a like-minded candidate. An abstinence-only and pro-life preacher, as well, except her own daughter didn't get the message – a daughter now forced, yes forced (come on, really?), to marry the poor hick to satisfy the ideals of an entire political establishment. Who wants to bet on this marriage's chances for happiness?

So there you have it. I may be a complete cynic, but I've made up my mind, and so have you. It's not hard to deduce that I'm voting Democratic in this election. It's the stronger ticket that meets my ideals. Ask yourself if your choice does the same.

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